All children on the autism spectrum should be tested for parasites. Parasites do not show up in many tests because they are able to make themselves invisible. This may be misleading because you may have parasites but testing comes up negative. I would caution you to still treat naturally even if the test comes up negative.

If you choose to test there is one stool sample kit you can purchase online. Genova Labs kits can be purchased at Diagnos-techs products can be found at most holistic health practitioners offices,, (425) 251-0596. Mainstream doctors can order tests for you but be sure to ask for one of the two labs above as they are superior to many others and will detect pathogens when others will not. Please note that most parasite tests are inaccurate because they are unable to detect the parasites.

Genova Labs grows out the strains of bacteria to find what the strength of it is and what can be done about it. The result sheet comes to you with a number scale. This scale tells you how strong each strain is or is not. The greatest benefit I found was being given a scale of several natural products that were tested against the strains of bacteria that came up for me. The sheet told me what particular natural product would work best to eradicate my problem. The best option is given per individual.

The product that came up for me to use is commonly known in the holistic health field. It is called Tanalbit. Tanalbit is made from plant tannins. It is antifungal, helps restore normal GI function and is very helpful in naturally eradicating parasites. It is able to reach and eliminate yeast in their deepest hiding areas. It is more effective because it survives stomach acid and gets into both the small and large intestine. An added benefit is that yeast and bacteria do not build up a resistance to this as they do with many other products. Tanalbit is safe and effective and has been used for over 20 years. It reduces fatigue, allergic food reactions, and helps remove toxins. It will not contribute to die off. One important note is that Tanalbit does contain casein. If there is casein sensitivity in your child you would need to avoid this. Tanalbit is best taken away from food. It is sold through most health food stores, natural practitioners and for a good price at,, and

I personally have had exceptionally positive results when also taking the bacterial strain Sacharomyces Boulardii. It is very helpful in eradicating both yeast and parasites. The company Klaire Laboratories has a high quality product,, (888)488-2488.

Interphase by Klaire Labs and the TH10 strain in Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics both help with destroying biofilm. One of the parasites I had was H. Pylori which is known to have strong biofilm. Interphase is commonly given to assist eradicating this organism.

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