Let’s talk about school. Children on the autism spectrum can have a hard time sitting still, staying calm, and focusing. As with anything else, there are different needs for each child.

Schoolroom Strategies

If sitting still is a challenge, arrange it with the teacher for the child to go outside fChild on the autism spectrum in a classroomor a few minutes, as needed, and do pull-ups on the pull-up bars. This calms the nervous system and uses up excess energy. In case there are no pull-up bars nearby, perhaps the teacher could have a box ready with some books inside. This gives the box some needed weight. The child could be asked to carry the box from his classroom to another one nearby. Never let the child miss a recess opportunity!

Sitting at the front of the classroom allows for less external stimuli between the child and the teacher. Remember that when a child on the autism spectrum is asked a question, he will need an extra moment to process the information before answering. Give this moment to him.

For rainy days or homeschooling, door jam bars are a fabulous help. For more information see www.playawaytoy.com or call (715)752-4565.

An example of a visual timer for children on the autism spectrumTime Timers can be purchased on www.amazon.com. They are visual timers to help show your child the time. This lets them know how much time is left until the class is over or until a predesignated activity.

Learn more about the different ways that people process sensory input at the website, www.sensoryprocessing.com, and perhaps come up with more ideas about how to manage your child on the autism spectrum during school hours.

Listen to my podcast interview with sensory processing expert, Lindsey Biel.

Diet Matters

Diet is an essential component. If your child eats carbohydrates for breakfast, he will not be able to focus well. If he eats protein for breakfast, such as an egg or nuts, his brain can utilize the protein and he will be able to focus better. It should No sweets for children on the autism spectrumgo without saying, but do not give him sugar, sweets, or anything with artificial ingredients, especially food dyes! This will undermine all of your other efforts.

To further assist your child’s brain, the amino acid L-tyrosine helps to build the neurotransmitter dopamine in his brain. Dopamine is essential for proper focus. L-tyrosine can be purchased at any health food store. Know that natural supplements can take up to three weeks to begin taking noticeable effects, so be patient.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give him essential fatty acids! They are crucial for focus, mood stability, and brain health. Quality fish oil from Pharmax or Nordic naturals are best. Pharmax makes a nice liquid fish oil in an orange blossom base so it is easy to take. Both can be found in most health food stores and online. See my healthy products page for links.

It is important to note that if your child’s body is cleared of many of the underlying chemical, physiological and anatomical issues, often their needs for therapy decrease. Once their system is clean, you will have who they truly are. Then you will know what is left that still needs to be worked with.

Development goes from large to small motor skills. The individual must be taught in accordance with his needs. Biology should be addressed first so that your child is more capable of understanding and carrying out the tasks asked of him.

Once your child is on a secure biological footing, he becomes a teacher’s and a therapist’s dream, occupational or otherwise. At that point, the professionals can come in and get to the core work with the child without having to battle against all of the other factors that prevent him from fully engaging and learning what they have to offer.

Stop living in fear about your child’s future and instead start naturally helping your child to live an independent, healthy life.

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In health,

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