Back to School Tips 

What you can do for better energy, clearer thinking, and ability to focus?

Carry That Weight

One thing you can do: Give the small book called, “10 Things the Student with Autism Wishes You Knew,” by Ellen Notbohm to all of your child’s teachers. This proved to be a valuable asset for our family and my son’s teachers.

The weight on your child’s muscles from carrying a heavy box can calm his nervous system. Have a box strategically weighted (such as with some books in it) and set it somewhere in his classroom. As his anxiety, irritability, and inability to focus creep up, suggest that the teacher ask him to carry the box down the hall to another classroom for her.


Inform your child’s teacher to always let your child exercise when recess comes. Asking a behavioral child to sit in a classroom and miss recess as punishment is one of the worst things you can do. Part of the problem for a child on the autism spectrum is sitting too much. He needs to release all that energy. The pull-up bars, and running can both be very calming.

Protein Snack

Beware of hypoglycemia, or blood sugar imbalance. This will trigger behavior issues. Your child should be given a protein snack such as almonds to help balance his blood sugar and help his brain think better.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Protein helps us think better, carbohydrates reduce the ability to think but make us a bit more compliant. An apple with almond butter can be a good choice if more compliance is needed, but NEVER leave out the protein, or attention and focus issues will quickly become worse.

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