Autism Speech Therapy

Many children with autism have difficulty with speech. Speech is more difficult than we realize. It involves motor planning from breathing in air, getting your vocal chords to do what you want, and your jaw and tongue to move just right. Then your mind must be able to put the thoughts you have into words or action.

Many sensory and motor speech issues are caused by anxiety and stress. Get help Untitled design (19)sorting these negative feelings out. One speech therapist I saw advised that children who stutter should be made to stutter on purpose. This shows them that they can control it to some degree. I thought this was brilliant. It was so simple. Although this was a simple explanation, it is not always a simple task. Speech can be quite challenging for many reasons. Finding someone you trust and, more importantly, that your child trusts is crucial.

Speech therapy has many interactive approaches. One method is The Hanen method, This is a software program that also has an interactive bubbles feature to assist those who are on the autism spectrum in their learning process.

Integrated Listening Systems is a program that improves brain function through multiple sensory awareness. This system is customized for emotional regulation during sensory input while learning. You can use it while sleeping or during your daily routine while wearing headphones.

Fast Forward Learning is a self-paced software program focused on strengthening the brain. It helps build essential skills in three to six months. This program is backed by over 240 research studies including those at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and Cornell Universities.

Interviews to listen to for sensory tips:       Untitled design (18)

Listen to my interview with autism mom Jennifer Kozek at, (released February 14, 2016),where she shares her personal experience with  the homeopathic remedy calcarea carbonica to improve her son’s speech.

Lindsey Biel is one of the nation’s experts on sensory processing disorders. Her website offers great sensory processing resources. Listen to my podcast interview with Lindsey. Here Lindsey shares amazingly helpful knowledge for parents of children on the autism spectrum.

All of this and more is in my book, Naturally Recovering Autism: The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents.    Naturally Recovering Autism book

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