Studies show that martial arts can be an effective way to build motor control through the repetition of movement in people on the autism spectrum. This helps both the motor and planning areas of the brain. It is also offers a great form of exercise in a group setting where socialization can be increased, while still allowing the individual to move at his or her own pace. Martial Arts is a great way to keep them physically active and engaged. This improves overall physical and emotional well-being.

Meet Sensei Al Loren 

Al Loren has taught over 300,000 martial arts classes in 27 years. Al instructs kids, teens, adults, and seniors in multiple forms of martial arts including Karate, Aikido, T’ai Chi.  Al was the 1986 National champion in Karate. He teaches in Marin County and San Francisco. He has had great success working with children to adulthood who are on the autism spectrum and finds that it increases balance and coordination, motor skills, muscle strength, gives confidence and offers self defense.

Al Loren’s success comes from being compassionate and understanding the sensitivity necessary for each unique individual. Know that each accomplishment, however small, is a big deal. Building self esteem and trust through connection is key.

Please join me for my radio show interview with, Al Loren, an expert in martial arts who specializes in working with children on the autism spectrum and those with other special needs. It’s show #53.

How To Find A Quality Martial Arts Instructor For Autism

To find a quality teacher of martial arts google, “martial arts instructors who teach autism”. Take a look at their website and call or email them with any questions. Use your instincts to know if they feel like a good fit for your child.

Al Loren Martial Arts

Project Awareness and Special Sports

Twitter: alloren@therapyal


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