Camels milk has been growing in interest and popularity for good reason. The health benefits behind it are many and parents of children with autism are recognizing positive changes in their child’s digestion, sleep, mood, immunity, and more. It is loaded with protein, vitamin C, calcium, iron, and probiotics, but without all the lactose and casein that causes so much inflammation and allergy responses.

In this podcast I interview Camel Culture owner, Ryan Fee, on his high quality camel milk product and the health benefits of camel milk.

Some questions we will answer in this interview are:

  1. Why people are not allergic to camel milk when they are allergic to cow or goat milk.
  2. Why should camel milk be started slowly, (hint: die off reactions so use like medicine).
  3. What kind of affect does camel milk have on the gut microbiome? (I’m doing a series this month on my podcast on that subject. If you missed my interview last week with microbiome specialist, Kiran Krishnan, on the link between the gut and the brain please watch it here.)
  4. Does camel milk contain probiotics, vitamins and minerals?
  5. What is your production process, plus why the camel culture product has such high quality?
  6. Are there any chemicals, preservatives or toxins in this camel milk?
  7. Your questions answered on the difference between raw camel milk and flash pasteurization.
  8. Where can camel milk get shipped?
  9. Does it come in liquid and powdered form?
    HOW MUCH CAMEL MILK SHOULD YOU DRINK DAILY? (From Camel Culture’s website)

    There is a Somali proverb that says “A mouthful of camel’s milk keeps you going for half a day.” 

    This is why, my friends! 

    Two tablespoons of camel milk is not “just” two tablespoons of any other kind of milk. 

    To get all the health benefits of camel milk, we recommend that adults only need to consume about 6-8 ounces per day, and children only need 3-4 ounces per day. But of course you can drink more! 

Ryan Fee the founder and CEO of Camel Culture.

Camel Culture was founded by Ryan and Lauren Fee in 2015 -originally named The Camel Milk Co.

One day, Ryan was talking with a group of East African elders living in the USA, when he asked, “What do you miss most about East Africa that you don’t have here?” Their answer was a resounding “Caano Geel” (Camel Milk)!

After learning about the importance of Camel Milk from nomadic peoples, Ryan and Lauren were inspired by Camel Milk’s history, nutritional value, and miraculous health benefits, so they started Camel Culture to share these life-giving products with everyone! Camel Milk has sustained and healed people around the world for thousands of years. Our goal is to fill every refrigerator in North America with fresh camel milk from their farm.

Buy Camel Culture milk here for U.S. orders. Use discount coupon code: ‘KAREN20’ for 20% off! They maintain a consistent supply.

For Canadian, UK, and European Use code “nar_2021” for free shipping anywhere in Canada. Shipping fees will vary to Europe and the UK. If you have questions please ask Kim for help at, They have two storage facilities to cover Canada, one in Ontario – Burlington (to cover Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, NS, NFL), and second one in Alberta (to cover Alberta, BC, NWT, Saskatchewan)

Learn more on, The Health Benefits of Camels Milk in Podcast Episode 37.

Camels milk resources:

Camel Culture camel milk, Use coupon code “Karen20” for 20%off of your purchase.

IFCAM Advisory Board, International Forum for camel’s medicine

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