A step-by-step method to alleviate your child’s symptoms of autism

Naturally Recovering Autism Membership Program

As a parent of an autistic child,
it can feel like you’re on an island.

No one can see your child like you do.

  • Will anyone ever listen?
  • Will we ever move from testing to a solution?
  • Are we going to make it?

You will do whatever it takes to help your child. I know, because I’ll continue doing whatever it takes to help mine. I’ve always refused to accept that my child’s autism symptoms were going to be permanent. Thank goodness, they aren’t. In fact, my son has successfully said goodbye to all these symptoms.

  • Chronic sickness
  • Constant irritability
  • Sensory processing issues
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Extreme anxiety
  • Ongoing depression
  • Persistent headaches
  • Severe stomach aches
  • Oppositional defiance disorder
Hi, I'm Karen Thomas

As a mother of an autistic child, I understand the worry, frustration, and fear that comes with the diagnosis... and the hopelessness that can stem from failed solutions. Please hear me when I say:

You do not have to settle for behavioral therapies and medications that “manage” symptoms (at best) for the rest of time. There is another way.

In the Naturally Recovering Autism Membership Program, I break down everything that worked for my son—and thousands of my clients' children—so you can finally, FINALLY, celebrate a solution that works.

As seen in

It's all you need
to help your child naturally recover symptoms of autism.

Inside this membership, you get the ENTIRE process I used to help my son get his life back, including my step-by-step action plan, deep-dive training videos, a supplements list, dietary instructions, and much more!

Plus, you’ll be personally guided and mentored by me with live training and Q&A sessions every month.

We are mesmerized by our son’s speech…

He is now speaking endlessly. The story was different last year when we started Karen’s program. (At 4 years my son had only two word sentences.)

I have also benefited a lot as a mother. Seeing my son functioning so well has ‘swallowed away’ the stress and worries that caused me sleepless nights. I now have space and time to focus on myself. Karen – once again, I can’t thank you enough!

…we have noticed that he has become so calm.

My son is 6 and since he was a baby he was mostly non-verbal, and had major digestive issues.

He has been hyperactive, destructive, noisy, has learning problems, OCD, repetitive clapping and inappropriate noises. He has sensory issues and bolts/runs from class at any given chance. After we started Karen’s program, we have noticed that he has become so calm.

Moms are in awe of the progress >>

“I highly recommend Naturally Recovering Autism for anyone, including parents, educators, and practitioners working with someone effected by autism or ADD. After 18 years of research Karen Thomas shares the natural resource roadmap that she used to recover her own son from the symptoms of autism in this very complete, yet comprehensible guide which helps to simplify the whirlwind of information out there and empower the layperson along with the professionals they are working with for any individual’s specific needs.”

Dr. Daniel Amen, a five-time New York Times best-selling author, including Healing ADD and Heal Your Brain to Heal Your Life.

Here's exactly what you can expect.

Action Plan
(Core Modules)

You'll hear me talk about the "core modules" quite often. This is the step-by-step action plan that's worked for (hundreds/ thousands?) of families around the world, including my own. I encourage you to work through this foundation first.

Video Trainings &
Learning Materials

Inside each core module, you'll access video trainings and learning materials needed to complete the steps outlined. I've been in your shoes, so believe me, we skip "pie in the sky" and go super practical.

Lists & Resources

It is important to know not to "boost" the immune system of someone with autism because it is already overreacting to substances in both its internal environment and in the external environment. We assist in “regulating” the immune system.

Diet & Food

Throughout the program, I'll address everything you need to know about diet, digestion, food sensitivity, picky eating, and so much more.

Communication &
Focus Resources

We'll also explore how to create surprisingly positive changes in your child’s focus and learning skills, while also addressing the all-too-common difficulties around communication and connecting with others.

Monthly Trainings

Learning doesn't stop with the core modules! I bring new information to you on an ongoing basis in LIVE, monthly trainings. Don't worry if you have to miss one; they're all recorded for you.

Q&A Sessions

During the LIVE, monthly trainings, we save plenty of time to address your questions. Just send them to me directly or post them to the course forum in advance and I'll address them during the call.

The Naturally Recovering Autism Membership Program opens just a few times per year—join now!

The hope is contagious

Terry talks about how the community and support through Naturally Recovering Autism helped her family.

Learn how Shannon was finally able to help her child and find the resources she needed all in one place.

Listen to how the support and direction of Naturally Recovering Autism allowed Nantie to stop the trial and error.

After we started your program, we have noticed that he has become so calm.

It’s truly amazing when you do not have to lock up all doors. I can leave him alone in a room for 5 to 10 minutes without him destroying and breaking stuff like before. His constipation issues have reduced, he’s slowly learning his numbers, alphabet, colors, shapes etc. He’s not completely verbal but he can now answer some questions and repeat whatever you say. He has repetitive speech and even though it’s not perfectly clear, it’s progress to us.

He has slept through the night for the past two weeks, which is the very FIRST time in his life!

He used to wake up crying and wouldn’t go back to sleep for hours on end. He said his second word “HOT”, and even began gesturing me to pick him up which he has never done before. He his beginning to recognize his momma for the very first time… And his irritability and moodiness has decreased. He even plays with his 3 year old sister. My little boy is slowly but surely making progress.

Each module gets your child closer to recovering symptoms.


Whether you’re new to the autism journey, or you’ve been on it for years, it all starts with setting up a strong foundation to support detoxification, learn more about your child’s individual needs, plus learn about home environment protection. This is what we will use to get started… We’re very thorough in this A-Z program. Remember, optimal results come from much more than diet alone, but it’s important to begin here!


Our introduction page welcomes you in and offers a couple of very short videos to help you learn your way around. This offers you roadmap images for the visual learners plus pdf guides to assist you with your first steps, and support for special circumstances you might need right away like constipation, transitioning picky eaters, and help for calming and sleep.

The Definitive Guide to Home Environment Protection

This guide shows you everything you need to know to eliminate environmental triggers from your home. This guide arms you with the solutions you need to prevent your child from continuing to be sick.

How to Muscle Test Video Series

A set of video tutorials to help you learn how to know if a food or supplement is good for your child’s unique situation or not, as well as what dosages to use. We must start very low and slowly work our way up.

Natural Practitioner Guide

This guide will help you find a natural practitioner to help you if you need one for anything. This is great for finding natural allergy elimination experts, naturopaths, etc.

Detoxification, Dosages and What To Expect

A guide to navigating detoxification, so you know what to do when ‘die off’ symptoms happen.

* We will go over everything step-by-step, one thing at the time, as it is needed. I’ve kept it super simple for you to follow along. I will teach you how to muscle test, how to use supplements, how to determine what dosages are right for your child’s unique needs, and much more.

Module 2 – Diet and Detoxification Support

How to help support detoxification pathways and begin repairing your child’s digestive system.

Starting Support for Detoxification

Detoxification pathways must be properly supported from the start.

Gut Healing Food: The Do's & Don'ts Guide

Getting your child’s diet right significantly affects their recovery process. Everything I share in this membership is important but diet change is what helps create a strong foundation that makes everything else so effective. Know which foods your child CAN have and what to avoid so your child’s gut can heal. The gut controls the brain and the immune system, so this helps to improve sleep, keep your child calm, build a stronger immune system and the important brain messengers too.

Complete Supplement Guide

A guide with direct links to well-researched supplements to purchase along the way as you need them. With so many vitamin supplements out there, it’s hard to know which ones are good. In my 15 years of research, I have found some of the highest quality vitamin and mineral supplements for children on the autism spectrum. Our kids are far more sensitive than the average child. We need the best absorption, as well as the best quality.

Eliminate Food Allergies & Behavioral Issues

You’ll learn what specific supplements should be used to help repair the tears in his gut lining and soothe it as it does.

Repairing the Lining of Your Child's Gut

It is so important to understand that the gut is injured and allowing undigested foods and toxins into the bloodstream causing food allergies, weakening the immune system, and negatively affecting the brain’s ability to function properly. I’ll show you how you can stop this, and so they can absorb nutrients better.

How to Balance Candida in Your Child's System

Pathogenic bacteria such as Candida overgrowth must be brought into balance so their toxins don’t cause more damage to his organs, nerves, and your child’s brain. This is essential so his brain can function properly allowing him to focus and concentrate better, have more balanced energy, and be more in control of his moods and emotions. Candida can be very tricky to balance if you don’t have the right roadmap. In this program, you do.

Heavy Metal Detoxification

We will begin a safe, natural way to remove heavy metal toxins from your child’s system. Children with autism face challenges with heavy metal toxins such as mercury, lead, and aluminum that disrupt neuropathways in the brain. The simple step we use won’t cause any harm the way pharmaceutical heavy metal detoxification drugs can. It is extremely gentle and easy to do, yet very effective

Module 3 – Beginning Work with Co-Infections

It is important to know not to stimulate the immune system of someone with autism because it is already overreacting to substances in both its internal environment and in the external environment. We assist in “regulating” the immune system.

The first coinfections to begin balancing are:

  • Mold Biotoxins continue to harm the gut and brain if not worked with properly.
  • PANS is often triggered by mold or rapid detoxification so we need to work on it sooner than later.
  • KPU is due to rapid detoxification and can cause extreme symptoms.

Module 4 – Natural Allergy Elimination

It is possible to naturally eliminate acquired allergies that were caused by leaky gut. This triggered an immune reaction that can be brought back to balance. Remember, the gut controls the brain and 80% of the immune system.

* Millions of people suffer from environmental allergies and food allergies, but do not realize all of the culprits that are causing them harm.

Module 5 – Brain Support

What can be done to support the specific needs of the brain? Here are the tools that you will be able to use:

Beyond Healing the Gut

Brain support starts with healing the gut but often the brain needs more help. Once the toxins and inflammation are reduced, then your child will begin to really be able to be their true self. Some parts of the brain can still be overactive and others under-active. Learn how to create surprisingly positive changes in your child’s focus, sleep, mood stability, calmness, energy, and much more, naturally, without harmful drugs.

Brain Repair Supplements & Therapies

I will take you through the best brain repair supplements and therapies that help support the production of depleted neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine for mood balance, better sleep, and improved focus and concentration.

Module 6 – Brain Repair

Brain repair is misunderstood AND vital in the healing process. This information will save you dollars and your sanity:

How to Avoid Therapies that Don't Work

There are so many therapies and modalities we are told about for autism. The time and expense can be immense, especially if you spend a lot on something that does not work, or if your child’s brain is still too toxic and inflamed to gain the benefits from it! You’ll learn what can assist balance back to the brain.

Module 7 – The Co-infections of Autism: Mold, PANDAS/strep, Lyme, Parasites, Mycoplasma

Discover how to properly detect and balance the co-infections of autism. These are the most commonly missed pieces in any autism program and why your child may plateau on the recovery process if not worked with properly.

How to Discover any Additional Pathogenic Microbes Impeding Your Child's Recovery

Our introduction page welcomes you in and offers a couple of very short videos to help you learn your way around. This offers you roadmap images for the visual learners plus pdf guides to assist you with your first steps, and support for special circumstances you might need right away like constipation, transitioning picky eaters, and help for calming and sleep.There are additional reasons why many children with autism do not get well. These are missed by most programs and doctors quite often, but not here. These remaining pathogenic microbes are worked with properly with proprietary organic herbal formulas for each individual infection.

"Maintenance" for Ongoing Support

How to Effectively Stabilize and Strengthen the Body’s Defenses Against These Additional Pathogenic Microbes In Your Child

Once you’ve discovered these additional pathogenic microbes in your child, you must stabilize, then strengthen your child’s defenses against them or he will continue to be ill, physically and emotionally. Many of the coinfections will keep the gut ill, even when you’ve been on a good diet and doing other gut work. We’re very thorough in this A-Z program. Remember, optimal results come from much more than diet alone!

... and those modules are just the core training!

The value for these alone is $3600, but you get so much more.


I’m really excited to tell you about the super low price I’ve decided to offer the Naturally Recovering Autism Membership at…

I created all the core training videos and a couple of the accompanying guides over the past couple of years so I could answer the many requests I have received to put together a program teaching my process.

My plan was to offer the program for a limited time to beta members for $2,997, and then eventually to the public at $3,600. I was told by many people that I was crazy to not offer my program for far more than what I was planning.

However, my goal was, and still is to get this information into the hands of everybody who wants it. So instead of raising the price of my program, I’ve added some ongoing support, a forum, a monthly Q&A call and tons of other resources to it, and put it all in this membership site that ANYONE should be able to afford.

You won’t be paying $3,600 today… not $2,997…  I’ve opened this back door so you can get complete access to everything explained on this page for a small monthly fee of only $97 for 12 months! Or, you can join now for $997 a year (which gives you almost 2 months free).

The Naturally Recovering Autism Membership is an on-demand program that provides you with immediate access to all member materials upon enrollment. Even if you are unable to attend the live monthly Q&A call, you may submit your questions ahead of time or on the forum and you will be provided with a recording. Therefore, regardless of use, this program may not be canceled or refunded at any time.

All memberships are a 12-month commitment and will automatically renew after the end of each paid subscription period. Please review our full Terms of Service here before joining. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of membership. You may cancel your membership before your renewal date by emailing support@naturallyrecoveringautism.com.

Become a member today and get these BONUSES!

Have you figured out that my love language is gifts yet?

The Parents Complete Guide To Environmental Toxins
This digital guidebook helps you identify the most harmful toxins in your home and exactly how you can protect your family from them. Detoxifying your home is critical in eliminating harmful triggers that can affect your child’s health—and your own!

SPECIAL BONUS - Natural Brain Support Supplement Guide
Discover how to customize supplements based on your child’s specific needs. Learn how to troubleshoot responses, optimize your regimen, and refine your protocol as needed to support our child in living their healthiest and happiest life.

Bonus #1: Personalized Elixir Reading
This is an incredible bonus gift! You’ll get a personalized reading to address your child’s individual needs—to support detoxification, aid digestion, and improve speech, sleep, brain function, and more!

Bonus #2: Members-Only Private Forum
You’ll have access to the members only forum inside the private membership site so you can ask your questions and get support along the way as you need it. Q&A are archived in the forum, so you can use keywords for your questions in the search bar and find a wealth of education there from past questions asked by members. There’s also a “Knowledge Base” where the most frequently asked questions and answers are.

* We will go over everything step-by-step, one thing at a time, as needed. I’ve kept it super
simple for you to follow along. I will teach you how to muscle test, how to use supplements, how to determine what dosages are right for your child’s unique needs, and much more.

Bonus #3: Members Only Access to Proprietary Organic Herbal Formulas
You will get members-only access to proprietary organic herbal formulas to naturally work with each of the coinfections of autism, (available for purchase and guidance only to active members of the Naturally Recovering Autism membership).

This is all the help and resources I wish I had when
I first started navigating to my son’s symptoms

My son has shown huge progress.

He went from no eye contact to always looking at us and responding if we call his name, not sleeping through the night at all to sleeping the full night, crying bloody murder 24/7 to being actually playful/content. Being more socially active etc.

We’ve seen noticeable changes in his behavior!

He’s more calm than before and his speech has dramatically improved. His picky eating is very gradually getting better as his gut seems to be healing. He’s much less aggressive as well and he’s even playing more like neuro-typical kids his age.

Here I am with my son in Hawaii…

Just fun! No issues to deal with! Can you imagine that?

(He’s now a college graduate, too!)

I know this may feel far-fetched for you now. There was a time where it felt like that for me, too. In fact, you're probably still in this phase of recovery...

You’ve gone to multiple doctors. You hear that each one is "the ONE," and your hopes get really high…

You do your best to follow what they tell you, but you get confused as to what to do next. So you go to more expensive appointments looking for answers, but no one has a complete plan for you or a path to follow. They speculate and give you varied pieces to work with...
but never a complete plan.

This is the opposite of that. It's the entire plan, complete with step-by-step actions, video explanations, and every coordinating resource you need to see real, trackable progress.


In this first-of-its-kind interactive membership program, you’ll:

● Begin implementing the right foods and removing the bad ones so the gut can heal and the brain isn’t exposed to toxins and inflammation anymore.

● Receive guides detailing the exact supplements needed with direct links to purchase them, tutorials on how to know if they’re right for your child, and at what dosages because we start very low and work our way up slowly and safely. (There’s a guide to natural practitioners, too, in case you need one.)

● Learn how to give the right supplements and learn how to know what dosages to give to assist the toxins out of the body, begin healing the gut, and help your child’s brain and immune system to get the nutrition and support they need.

● Begin working with the co-infections, one at a time, in a specific order you have to follow. Plus, the simple step to heavy metal detoxification, done safely.

● Begin natural allergy elimination to remove acquired allergens from your child’s body that may be preventing recovery. Here you may check if it’s safe to add back in a few new foods to their diet.

● Support brain health and its deficient needs to help naturally balance mood, sleep, appetite, and the ability to focus and concentrate.

● Utilize brain repair therapies to help your child’s brain where it became imbalanced and miswired from toxins during development, so they can be calmer, sleep better, improve language ability, and focus more clearly.

● Learn to detect and naturally work with the rest of the co-infections of autism that could be preventing recovery and getting in the way of better health, such as Lyme’s Disease, Mold biotoxins, PANDAS/strep, mycoplasma (respiratory infections), and parasites.

● And much more…

Let's address some elephants in the room >>

I am the happiest mother in the world!

After my son has been in the program for the past few months we’ve seen noticeable changes in his behavior! He’s calmer than before and his speech has dramatically improved. His picky eating is very gradually getting better as his gut seems to be healing. He’s much less aggressive as well and he’s even playing more like neurotypical kids his age. I just want to say how happy we are with the progress he’s made and I know it’s mostly due in large part to the elixirs! Thank you so much

Every month I do a word count.

Basically, I try to document every word we get that day in the journal I keep. Two months ago we got to 130… Yesterday we almost hit 300!

He has way more repetition and small sentences. He has answered questions appropriately. Not every time but he couldn’t do it all before we started the program (3 months prior).

Have another question? Please ask. I don't
want anything to hold you (or your child) back.

Q. How much does it cost to become a member?

A. You can join now for $997 a year and save $167. That’s less than $3 a day — way less than the cost of a Starbucks latte!

Q. I’m concerned about finances. Can I afford this?

A. As a parent of a child with autism we spend a lot of money working toward recovery. I’ve lived it too. Try to imagine what life will be like one year from now if you don’t do anything differently than what you’re doing. Then imagine having a concrete plan to follow that helps you stay on track and only spend your valuable resources on what does work. Think of how your life and your child’s will be better once you both can sleep through the night, or your child can talk, and concentrate in a classroom, and control their emotions and be happy and calm. Sounds good, right? Think of what isn’t working and what can be eliminated from your expenses now. Make positive shifts that offer you benefits instead of dead ends.

Q. I have limited time. What if I’m not keeping up with the videos?

A. Don’t worry about keeping up with the videos or feeling like you are falling behind. You can go forward on your own timeline because we know it is different for each child. Do what is best for your child each day. Going slow is a good thing.

Q. Is it harmful for my son to go through detoxification without supporting his liver? This is what we have been doing.

A. Yes, if his liver is not properly dispelling the toxins from his body they will reabsorb into his body and cause greater harm to both his physical health and his behavioral, or brain, health. Going slowly and in the right order is crucial.

Q. I’ve tried so many things already. Will it just be more information, & confusion?

A. No. That’s what I want to help get you away from. I see so many parents wasting precious time and money but they only have bits and pieces of what is needed. My program gives you everything you need in a specific order that is crucial to your child’s success.

Q. What makes what you have different than all of the rest?

A. My program is thorough but easily digested. It offers a step by step guide to each specific piece of the program. There is no confusion about what to do next or what products to use. Everything in it has been thoroughly researched and successfully utilized with my own son and others, as well. I also know that people are very visual so I’ve turned every piece into a short video for you to follow. This isn't just another diet program. It's A to Z.

Q. What kinds of improvements would I expect to see in my child from your program?

A. Parents I have helped report improvements in their child’s sleep, speech, connection with others, a much calmer and happier disposition, better focus and concentration, no more headaches or stomach aches, less illnesses, and overall better physical and emotional health. Every child is different so let's find out what yours will be.

Q. I’m feeling a bit nervous. Does this mean the membership isn’t right for me?

A. If you’re feeling a little scared, maybe overwhelmed, wondering if you can do this — just know that’s totally normal. Anytime we try something new it can feel challenging. The key is not to let that fear stop you from moving forward and getting the results you and your child deserve. It’s just one step at a time. You CAN do this!

Q . I already have my child on a gluten free/casein free diet and we eat healthy. Isn’t that enough to heal his gut?

A. This is a great question and one I hear all of the time, but the answer is no. Gluten free and casein free is very important but there is so much more to a true gut healing, and autism recovering diet. Healing an injured gut takes is a lot more than being gluten free and casein free. We will, of course, cover these specifics in the program.

Q. How will I know if this will work for my child? His autism is severe.

A. You don’t know until you try. I was told that my son’s autism was permanent and that I should medicate him, take him to social and behavioral therapy, and learn to live with it. I just didn’t want to accept this or mask his symptoms with medications that were known to be harmful. I wanted to find out what was causing his symptoms and learn to safely heal those causes, not just mask symptoms. I am so grateful that I did because if I hadn’t he would not have gotten better. Today he is free of the symptoms he once had and is living a happy, healthy, normal life. He has now graduated college where he lived independently away on his own and he’s doing great!

Q. What symptoms did your son have?

A. My son had severe headaches, stomach aches, issues with hyper-focus and concentration, anxiety, agitated depression, and the worst case of oppositional defiance disorder the autism specialist we saw said she had ever seen. He would have tantrums at home that were often uncontrollable. We would sometimes just have to wait until he exhausted himself because there was nothing we could do but try to keep him safe while we waited it out. School, home and everything else was so hard for him. It was heartbreaking.

Q. Is your son really better today?

A. Better! He’s more than better he’s free from all of those symptoms and he is the calmest, happiest, sweetest guy ever. You would never know he had that kind of a past if you met him. Remember this is why I am doing what I am doing here and why I put this program together. This is for the parents who want to try everything and won’t give up the way I didn’t. I really want to see your child get better because I truly believe that he can and I’m tired of so many parents being confused as to what to do. Their child isn’t getting better and they are still spending needless money and losing precious time with their child. The worst for me is watching these children suffer so much when I know they don’t have to.

Q. Are these typical results?

A. Well, as parents of children with autism know, there is no such thing as a typical child with autism. They are all so unique. Nothing can be “typical”, but vast improvements can be made.

Q. Should I check with my doctor first?

A. If you choose to, then please be sure to check with a doctor who is knowledgeable about natural supplementation and therapies, and open minded. In the program I offer resources.

Q. I have your book. How is the video program different?

A. The book is more of the what and why with "some" of the how, but the steps had to be abbreviated in the book. There's no way to be as thorough and complete or to troubleshoot issues along the way that come up for individuals. Many parents were still needing more support, and the membership offers just that. It helps those who don’t have the time to read now, or they want to read the science and specifics later, but need to be led through what to do right now. Many people are also very visual and need to be shown the steps. The video program is the perfect addition to the book. It goes straight into the nuts and bolts in short three to seven minute videos. The membership also offers the forum to get your questions answered along the way as they come up, and a community of like-minded parents for support.

Q. I’m already spending so much money on doctors, therapies and supplements. How can I afford one more thing?

A. The purpose of this membership is to help you save money (and time) by avoiding the extra things that don’t work and helping you get it right the first time. Having the right program to implement with all of the specifics is what should keep you from having to spend more money in the future. I cannot even tell you how many tens of thousands of dollars I spent trying everything for my son before I figured it all out, and now I’m offering it to you for a small monthly fee that's affordable for any family! I didn’t have a lot of money to spend either but I did it because I knew it was what I had to do to help my son get better. I know many parents are like I was. I look at it from my own perspective as a mom. If I had been offered an actual plan with a step by step guide that had proven to work for others, I feel like it would have been a no-brainer.

Q. Once I've taken my child through your process, and have gotten some great results, what do I do to maintain those results?

A. Great question! The program offers a maintenance guide once you've been through everything. Remember, optimum results takes years and patience. You will have a guide, a plan, and support to help you continue on your path.

Let's begin, shall we

Like everything in the membership program, I've made it easy to start.

Click the button below and join the program.

You'll receive an email within 5 minutes with your login details for the members’ site.

Watch the welcome video to kick things off.

Once inside, watch the welcome video and the short navigation video to learn the lay of the land.

Move step-by-step towards success.

Don't worry, you'll always know what to do next. Plus, I'm available for questions if you ever get stuck.

The Naturally Recovering Autism Membership Will Transform Your Child’s Life. Join Today!

12 Payments of


A One-Time Payment of


The Naturally Recovering Autism Membership is an 12 month on-demand program that provides you with immediate access to all member materials upon enrollment. Therefore, regardless of use, this program may not be canceled or refunded at any time. Membership will automatically renew each year after the initial 12-month commitment unless written notification of cancellation is given.

I know you're tired.
I know you're skeptical.
(So was I.)

That's why this program is easy-to-consume
and absolutely doable. Mom to mom, this works.

I have many testimonials to share. I must offer a disclaimer that each child is unique and has a different timeline to their own level of recovery but these are just some of my members' success stories to help you understand the potential value to you for your child in my Naturally Recovering Autism Membership program.

Any actions you take are done so at your own discretion. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness or disease. This is for informational purposes only. Please ask for a doctor’s assistance, when needed.

Karen has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, and more.
She was recently featured on the Donna Drake TV Show, “Live It Up” and is also an honorary member of the International Association of Top Professionals, and has been awarded as the Top Autism Specialist Of The Decade!

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Any actions you take are done so at your own discretion. This information is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness or disease. This is for informational purposes only. Individual results vary. Please ask for a doctor’s assistance, when needed.

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