Naturally Recovering Autism Podcast

with Karen Thomas

Empowering Parents with the Resources to Naturally Recover Autism from a mom who has done it.

Inspiring parents with natural solutions to create the most fulfilling, healthy and productive life possible for their children with autism.

Having once been told her son could not recover from his symptoms of autism Karen Thomas now shares what she has learned through over a decade of personal research and experience that has brought her own son to recovery. Her background as a Craniosacral Therapist allowed her the awareness that the brain could heal if given the right support. Learn how you can allow your child a clear path for a happier and more fulfilling life with improved communication, better sleep, improved social abilities, and overall improved health.

I’m grateful that this podcast has been such a helpful resource for so many parents of children with autism.

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Stop living in fear about your child’s future and instead start naturally helping your child to live an independent, healthy life.

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