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Treat The Causes Not The Symptoms…

karnethomas-200x300Hi, My name is Karen Thomas and I have spent twenty eight years in the field of holistic health. Twenty four of these years I have practiced Craniosacral Therapy, (balancing the bones of the head to allow the brain to function at optimum). I am an approved education provider through the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy and Bodywork (NCBTMB), this means I am nationally certified to teach, which I love to do. I am an educator, author, speaker and a consultant…. but first and foremost, I am a mom.

My passion for helping other moms to naturally heal their children came from my own child’s diagnosis on the autism spectrum. My holistic background and knowledge of the brain assured me that my own child could and would heal if given the right support. I knew I could naturally heal his autism. It quickly became apparent that in order to find the answers and the help I needed, it was up to me.

Over the years, as I applied the results of my research and observed my child’s recovery, I would continually be stopped in the grocery store, on the school yard, or be sought out in my own private practice by moms desperately looking for answers. Their own children were suffering with symptoms of anxiety, irritability, lack of ability to focus and learn. Their children had severe stomach aches, headaches, or allergies, but the mothers would not know what to do for them, or how to do it. They too did not want drugs for their children, and they were looking for natural solutions to healing their children. As I began answering their questions, they would write information down on a post-it note, a receipt, or anything else they could dig out of their purse. It became apparent to me that I had to write a book with all of the information written out and organized for them. They also needed a PLAN!

The Book Naturally Recovering Autism

Naturally Recovering Autism is the result of over seven years of research, expense, trial and error to discover what really works to heal a child from autism, naturally. I have figured it out, and am on a mission to share this with as many other moms as possible. My extensive knowledge and resources have been summed up in my book, Naturally Recovering Autism. This book is intended to make each child’s journey to health as simple, inexpensive, and stress-free as possible.

Through my work as a Craniosacral therapist, and research expert, I know that if we give the body what it needs, it can heal itself. It happened for my own child. Now your child and your family can be healthier and happier too.

True healing comes from treating the causes, not just the symptoms.




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