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Karen Thomas is the founder of Naturally Recovering Autism. After fourteen years of research she has brought her own son to recovery from his symptoms of autism through all-natural resources. Knowing parents need a reliable plan she set up a 4 stage process to help parents of children with autism to recover their children. Stage 1 is healing the gut, Stage 2 is natural heavy metal detoxification, Stage 3 is clearing the co-infections, and Stage 4 is brain support and repair.

Karen’s holistic background of 30 years as a Craniosacral Therapist led her to find an all-natural, drug-free approach to recover her own son. Karen Thomas has become one of the most trusted resources of parents of children on the autism spectrum. Karen’s knowledge is offered in multiple sources such as her book, Naturally Recovering Autism: The Complete Step-By-Step Resource Handbook for Parents. She also offers a regular blog, and a live weekly radio show where she interviews experts.

Karen is the CEO and founder of Naturally Recovering Autism. She is a professional speaker available to speak at your event, and has spoken consecutive years at the Autism One conference. Karen has been interviewed on CUTV News, and was recently featured on the Donna Drake TV Show, “Live It Up.” She is also an honorary member of the International Association of Top Professionals, and has been awarded as the Top Specialist of the Year in Autism 2020.

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Karen Thomas C.S.T, C.M.T

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The Donna Drake Show Live It Up with Karen Thomas.


Natural Recovery from Autism — The 4 necessary stages to autism recovery – why diet alone is not enough.

Stage 1 is healing the gut
Stage 2 is natural heavy metal detoxification
Stage 3 is clearing the co-infections
Stage 4 is brain support and repair

And much more!

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