A step-by-step method to alleviate your child’s symptoms of autism

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We are mesmerized by our son’s speech…

He is now speaking endlessly. The story was different last year when we started Karen’s program. (At 4 years my son had only two word sentences.)

I have also benefited a lot as a mother. Seeing my son functioning so well has ‘swallowed away’ the stress and worries that caused me sleepless nights. I now have space and time to focus on myself. Karen – once again, I can’t thank you enough!

…we have noticed that he has become so calm.

My son is 6 and since he was a baby he was mostly non-verbal, and had major digestive issues.

He has been hyperactive, destructive, noisy, has learning problems, OCD, repetitive clapping and inappropriate noises. He has sensory issues and bolts/runs from class at any given chance. After we started Karen’s program, we have noticed that he has become so calm.

Karen has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, and more.
She was recently featured on the Donna Drake TV Show, “Live It Up” and is also an honorary member of the International Association of Top Professionals, and has been awarded as the Top Autism Specialist Of The Decade!

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