BoyCherries-KarenThomasI sometimes hear, “My child is already on a gluten free casein free diet and they’re still not better.”

If the GF/CF diet has been done in 100% compliance for at least three months and there has been no improvement in their symptoms then it is likely that:

  • their gut is not getting what it needs to heal the damage that was done before the diet began
  • there is an overgrowth of candida or pathogenic bacteria that needs to be addressed
  • Additional food allergies exist (see the Alcat testing, Feingold diet, and N.E.A.T or other practitioner based allergy testing)



People go on the gluten free diet only to substitute their carbohydrate cravings with different starches. The digestive system is having trouble with more than gluten and casein. The gut flora, (bacteria), is usually so out of balance that it cannot successfully digest starches, but more importantly, the starches and sugars feed the bad bacteria in their gut. This only makes the problem worse.

One thing no one wants to waste is time. If you only remove gluten and casein from the diet there is a strong likelihood that your child’s gut will not get the chance to heal completely. If their gut does not heal neither will their brain and behavior.

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