HappyEating-KarenThomasRemoving all starches from the diet should really be step one, but so many parents are overwhelmed with the thought of removing even gluten and casein, that they cannot comprehend removal of all starches. Often this is your answer and it must be done.

When the gut flora ratio of friendly bacteria to unfriendly bacteria gets out of balance, as is the case with children on the autism spectrum, (and often ourselves), ALL starches and sugars need to be removed. This does not mean forever.

For a temporary time period from two days to two months, (depending on the individual), we cannot allow anything into the body  that feeds the pathogenic bacteria. It is also crucial to give time for the intestinal lining to heal. The pathogenic bacteria have bored holes in the lining of the intestines. This is called “leaky gut”. These holes must be healed and sealed up so that toxins and undigested food can no longer enter the bloodstream, and therefore, the brain.

When undigested particles of gluten enter the bloodstream they trigger an immune response in the body. The body then begins to see gluten as a foreign substance or danger. This builds gluten intolerance or a developed allergy.

Pathogenic bacteria in the gut thrive on sugar. Starchy carbohydrates turn to sugar in the body and end up being a food for the bad bacteria just as sugar  is. Sugars, even natural ones, should be avoided initially. We do not want to feed anything to the bad bacteria that will allow it to strengthen and survive.

Many gluten free substitutes are starches or bad, processed carbohydrates. All forms of starch must be removed such as rice, peas, potatoes, soy, tapioca flour, etc.

Instead, we want to eat foods that feed the good bacteria what it needs to grow, and also to rebuild the intestinal lining.

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