A must during any Candida program is the use of probiotics. The product must contain a variety of multiple strains of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium and the strain E. Faecalis. These are the key bacteria needed to crowd out, kill, and eat up the pathogenic bacteria in your system and help build up the good bacteria. This will also strengthen his immune system.

Start with one pill punctured in a beverage, if necessary. If he has his “usual” energy and not too much change in behavior then add one more probiotic capsule in the evening and watch for symptoms. Die off of the bad bacteria may cause increased behavioral issues and physical complaints such as headache. Due to this you will want to increase dosage very slowly. Over the course of many days or weeks continue to add one more probiotic until he is taking about three in the morning and three at night. The amount will vary per individual depending on his weight and behavior. For adults the higher amount is ten per day, five in the morning and five at night. For younger children two to four per day may be enough. When you reach what you feel is the right amount continue for a couple of months during the candida diet, before going back to the maintenance dose of one to two per day.

Yogurt is not enough! Heat during Pasteurization kills the live bacteria. You need a supplement that can increase the positive numbers of bacteria, feed themselves through a prebiotic involved, create lactic acid and survive the stomach acid to make it to the colon alive.

In my opinion, the best probiotic product on the market is Dr. Ohirra’s Professional Formula by Essential Formulas. It has low colony numbers, on purpose, so that it will not cause any autoimmune reactions. The potency comes from the organic acids it creates. If your child is not a pill taker you can puncture the capsule and squeeze the contents into water.

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