A genetically modified food is one that has had its DNA changed within a laboratory. This unnatural alteration produces foods that among other things are linked to neurological disorders, depression, fatigue, loss of mental clarity, nausea and even cancer.
These foods are in everything including baby formula, farm raised fish, grains, and dairy. Beware of dairy that is not labeled with the words “from cows not injected with rBGH/rBST”. These are genetically engineered hormones that are commonly injected into cows. GMO grains are often fed to beef cattle as well as dairy cows. When we eat this meat we are eating these hormones, and often the added antibiotics too.

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Help your child get the optimum results in Karen’s step-by-step online program, The Autism Moms Mentor, working to improve the biological health aspects for better focus and concentration, improved sleep, calmer moods, and a lot more. Already in over 35 countries, this program offers you the natural resources I used to recover my own son. It is unique in that it walks you through not only gut healing and detoxification, but also the co-infections often left out of a recovery program. It also includes additional components such as muscle testing and emotional clearing to empower you to get the best possible outcome with support from a mom who has done it!

Quickly Reduce Your Child's Symptoms of Autism by Eliminating 7 Specific Foods that Most People Consume Daily

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