Glutathione is known as the body’s master antioxidant.
Glutathione boosts our immune system. It is the best cellular detoxifier, and autism clearly improves with cellular detoxification. It also reduces viruses in cells, helps to chelate heavy metals, (especially mercury), and protects our cells and our neurological system from free radical damage. Glutathione also regulates protein and the building blocks of DNA.

Glutathione is a naturally occurring protein that is found in every cell of the body including the brain. With the necessary three amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine glutathione can be made by our cells.

In some people glutathione can be difficult for the cells to make. Candida disrupts protein digestion which reduces glutathione production. Pathogenic bacteria in the gut can destroy enzymes.

The gastrointestinal system must be working properly so it can make the necessary enzymes that break down the essential three amino acids cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine that make up glutathione. Mercury is a commonly found preservative in vaccines. Mercury kills enzymes, therefore, weakening the antioxidant system by binding with glutathione and rendering it useless. The depletion of glutathione makes it so the body cannot detoxify mercury. These enzymes need vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat, largely fruits, vegetables and meats, in order to be produced by the body. A healthy diet and proper absorption of its nutrients are necessary in order for this to happen.

There also needs to be enough energy in the cells that is necessary to complete this process. Toxins also reduce the body’s ability to produce these needed amino acids. The sulfur content in L Cysteine gives glutathione its antioxidant strength. For cysteine to build glutathione it needs vitamin B12, folinic acid and trimethylglycine or TMG. Diminished levels of these nutrients are also known to cause hyperactivity. Vitamin D is also necessary for glutathione to become engaged. Some call it flu season I call it low vitamin D season. Glutathione cannot do its job if there is not enough vitamin D. Supplementing with COQ10 also helps boost cellular energy. We also discussed the product Readisorb as a supplement for this master antioxidant in the last blog post. (All blogs are sequential and by date.)

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