Glutathione destroys and removes toxins from our bodies and protects the brain from heavy metal toxicity. We must have enough glutathione in our system for proper detoxification. If we don’t have enough glutathione to do its job we become loaded with toxins. These toxins enter the bloodstream, cross the blood brain barrier and cause neurological and physiological damage.

Toxic waste from pathogenic bacteria in the gut is one of the many reasons why children on the autism spectrum or those with intestinal imbalance have congested livers. The liver will attach an oxygen molecule to the toxin creating a free radical. Glutathione is the “go to” antioxidant in the liver, so it attaches itself to the free radical. This renders the free radical harmless to us and it has done its job. The problem is that this also uses up the glutathione molecule that has attached itself to the toxin.

If the liver is overwhelmed by a toxic load it cannot keep up and becomes depleted of glutathione. This crucial antioxidant is also leached out of the system due to environmental toxins such as heavy metals, polluted air, carbonated sodas, chemical household cleaners, processed foods, stress, alcohol and prescription drugs.

Supplements helpful in increasing glutathione are:

• Vitamin E
• Vitamin C
• Carotenoids
• Flavonoids
• Alpha lipoic acid
• N-acetyl cysteine

An additional supplement called Readisorb Lipoceutical glutatione specifically increases glutathione production in the body. Liposomal glutathione can be purchased at many health food stores and at,

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