Although there are over 70,000 peer reviewed references published in PubMed, one of the least known, and extremely common, health issues today is a genetic disorder that renders those inflicted to the dangers of biotoxins created in their body from environmental mold. Due to this genotype no antibodies are built against these biotoxins, so they are not excreted. The body continues to send out inflammation markers and the innate inflammatory response becomes chronic. Chronic inflammtion can create an array of autoimmune illnesses.

All children on the autism spectrum and those with asthma, ADD, learning disabilities, or any other behavioral or physiological health issue need to be tested for this genotype! Because this is genetic, parents should be tested also. Myself included, I tested positive. After blaming extreme fatigue on the thyroid gland for so long I was shocked to discover I carried this genotype. Let me explain.

Molds are one of the most commonly found allergens. It comes into many of our lives on a daily basis. Water damaged buildings such as homes and schools are common places to find mold. Past water damage and old buildings can be contaminating the air we breathe. Small amounts of mold around the average person can be detoxified by the body within a couple of days. Some individuals are more prone to the dangers of it. A gene known as transforming growth factor beta-1, or TGF beta-1, is a protein found throughout the body. It is important in fetal growth and development. It supports the life and the growth of cells and is very important to the functioning of the immune system. TGF beta-1 also enables the body to dispel the toxic load created from molds.

About 25% of the population has a defect in this gene. When this gene is defective these people can become extremely ill. This specific genotype, TGF beta-1, is a genetic susceptibility from immune response genes, or a genetic disorder. Anytime these people are near mold a cascade of inflammation is set off in their system and their body is not able to get rid of the biotoxins created within them from the mold. This contributes to leaky gut, hormonal imbalances and a lot more due to a chronic inflammatory response. Chronic illness comes regularly. These people are far more susceptible to the symptoms and the dangers than others and must be treated properly.

We talked earlier about how we are born with genes but they must be triggered by something to become activated. Stress, illness, and toxins can all turn them on. Many children on the autism spectrum carry this genetic defect because this gene has been activated. The genetic defect may even be triggered in utero. Their immune systems are often weakened due to pathogenic gut bacteria, environmental toxins, or other stressors on the fetus transferred from their mother. Vaccines can act as a strong trigger due to the huge toxic and viral load.

Once exposed to the mold, like other allergens, it will begin a cycle of reactions from the immune response that causes both physical and emotional symptoms. The most common symptoms are neurological and pulmonary. For those who lack this gene the biotoxins are not able to be filtered out of their body and illness results. For many it is diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein Barr virus, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Muscular Sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or some other autoimmune disease. What has been missed for a long time is the link from this genetic defect to autism, ADD, asthma and other childhood epidemics. In fact, in miscarriages during the first trimester of pregnancy thirty-three percent of babies lost tested positive for the biotoxin, TGF beta- 1, illness.

Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker discovered this genetic disorder and the proper way it must be treated. I will continue this discussion in the following weeks, but for now, please look at Dr. Shoemaker’s website for more information,

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