Allergies to gluten are common with the mold genotype, non-coincidently, the same is true for those on the autism spectrum. The mold biotoxin issue is often referred to as chronic inflammatory response syndrome, or CIRS. It inflames all systems and organs of the body including the brain.

Typical symptoms for those with the genetic mold defect:

• Wake exhausted, never really getting a good nights sleep
• Chronic fatigue blamed on stress or possible thyroid issue
• Chronic pain
• Trouble concentrating
• Poor memory
• Anxiety
• Cold hands and feet
• Hormone imbalance
• Frequent urination (more than 3-4 times per day).
• Chronic headaches
• Abdominal pain
• Bed wetting
• High immunoglobulin E (IgE) triggering asthma
• Polyps in nose
• Redness on hands and feet
• Redness from one cheek over the nose to the other cheek
• Blurred vision
• Light sensitivity
• Red eyes
• Dizziness when standing quickly

NOTE: Adults commonly have multiple symptoms, but children may only have one symptom present.

The most common symptoms in children with the mold genotype are:

• Chronic headaches that last more than one to two months
• Fatigue for more than two weeks
• Chronic abdominal pain
• Bed wetting in children older than six years of age
• Inattention and ADHD (once treated for biotoxin illness children often no longer need Ritalin).
Testing for mononucleosis and H. pylori bacterium are important to rule out with symptoms of chronic fatigue and abdominal cramps, but it is important to remember the mold genotype illness mimics these symptoms as well. Note if either of the child’s parents had bed wetting issues as a child, or even as an adult.

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