Those with autism and other chronic inflammatory illnesses should test for the defective mold genotype, TGF beta-1. Detection of the defective mold genotype comes from blood tests and specific laboratories capable of detecting the numbers necessary for detection. The labs used for this detection are Quest Lab and LabCorp, They are the only ones capable of detecting the numbers needed for a correct diagnosis. There are now other physicians whom Dr. Shoemaker has trained and certified in his protocol. These practitioners can be found on his website, Contact one of these specially trained physicians for proper diagnosis. They can be contacted for initial phone consults if you live at distance. Travel if necessary. It will save you countless hours and dollars in the long run if you and your child is positive for this genotype.
Dr. Shoemaker’s book, “Surviving Mold,” explains things in more detail, as does his website His website also has an online test that can be purchased for $15.00 called the Visual Contrast Sensitivity Test. This is a screening test which helps measure symptoms before and during treatment.

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