Often a child has abdominal pain during the week at school but not on the weekend when at home. Most people assume this is due to nervousness regarding stress that school may bring to the child. Typical “nervous” symptoms of abdominal cramping, headaches, and anxiety are also typical of mold contamination. Ask the school maintenance people to inspect for water damage. They may already be aware of it. If any building has a flat roof you can be sure there is past water leakage and mold contamination. Sometimes it is as simple as noticing that when you go away from your home, (or school or business), for a few days you feel better only to find that you begin to feel tired and ill upon returning.

The first part of treatment for the genetic mold genotype illness is removing the cause. Environmental Protection Agency studies show that indoor levels of air quality are ten times more contaminated than outside air. Thirty million homes are known to have significant problems in the U.S. Homes with crawl spaces underneath them, improper duct ventilation and leakage for heating and air conditioning, fiberglass infiltration from the attic, leaky windows or ones that show water condensation, walls and baseboards are all sources of problems.

There are certified contractors who know exactly what to look for and will find mold and water damage where others will miss it. They have the proper diagnostic equipment. When found, mold must be taken out properly by specialists so that no remaining spores are left to continue breeding. When one of these certified contractors are used to repair the home properly often grants are available through your local gas and electric company toward fixing the damage. I live in California and Pacific Gas and Electric will pay up to $4500.00 for repairs in their Energy Upgrade California Rebate Program. These certified contractors can be found at www.wondermakers.com. Send them an e-mail and ask for one near you.

Use of the visual sensitivity test at www.survivingmold.com is a helpful tool along the way to gauge progress. Use only certified doctors on the surviving mold website to properly help your child. If the biotoxins are not pulled out of the system it cannot recover, ever.

Please pass this information and this website address onto those you feel could benefit from it. Thank you, Karen at; www.naturallyrecoveringautism.com.

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