When it comes to health care, especially for your children, it is important to know you have choices. It is also important to know how to find a practitioner who is experienced in alternative solutions, and whom you can trust. There are several alternative doctors to choose from.

Many chiropractors are proficient in muscle testing are also known as Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) doctors. Another type of chiropractor also using muscle testing is Applied Kinesiology doctors. I would suggest finding one who is skilled with this technique as it offers a far more comprehensive approach. It gives the ability to see the body as a whole rather than just where it hurts.
Assessment determines if an issue is caused by a chemical, structural, emotional, nutritional or neurological imbalance.
Once this is determined they will be able to assist in the protocol necessary to heal the body. They are often well educated in nutritional analysis and can be of great assistance when this is indicated during the assessment. To find a practitioner skilled in contact reflex analysis near you call, (616)669-5534, or go to, www.crawellness.com. CRA Wellness also has a phenomenal line of nutritional supplements available, www.vervita.com. For an applied kinesiology doctor see www.appliedkinesiology.com.

Integrative medical doctors are western medical doctors. The difference is that they have the knowledge of multiple proven therapies and treatments of both conventional medical applications and alternative ones. The combination allows for a broader perspective to reaching health and wellness by treating the individual as a whole.
Types of medicine employed by integrative medicine physicians:
• Western medicine
• Allopathic medicine
• Osteopathic medicine
• Regenerative medicine
• Holistic medicine
• Naturopathic medicine
• Functional medicine
For a medical doctor that focuses on the complimentary, alternative, and integrative body as a whole go to www.acam.org.

A naturopathic doctor is not a medical doctor, but is a primary care doctor. They combine modern science with nature. Their protocols work to assist the body back into a natural state of health through its own innate abilities by treating the whole person and not just the symptom. They work in hospitals, clinics and private practices. They treat all medical conditions. Although their focus is on prevention and the use of natural healing agents such as herbal and homeopathic remedies they are licensed to prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.
A licensed naturopathic physician (ND) attends a four year graduate level naturopathic medical school. They are educated in the same basic medical sciences as medical doctors but also study holistic and nontoxic approaches. They focus on prevention.
In addition to their medical training they required to complete four years of training in nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathic, botanical medicine, psychology and counseling.
To find a naturopathic doctor go to www.naturopathic.org.

Although used commonly in Europe and India it is not quite as accepted in America mostly because it is not well understood. Although many studies have been done those in allopathic medicine do not understand how it works so they disclaim it.
Homeopathy is a very different concept to grasp.
It is based on the Law of Similars. This law states that “a disease can be cured by a substance if that substance can cause, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those of the disease”. The word homeopathy means similar (homeo) suffering (pathy).
This excerpt was taken from the book, “The Impossible Cure” by Amy Lansky. It is my favorite book on homeopathy and its explanation for two reasons. First, it is written for the layperson and is very easy to understand. The second reason I have for my love of this book is that Amy Lansky also has a child who “was” on the autism spectrum. After his 18 month measles, mumps, rubella shot he began exhibiting symptoms of autism. Her son has since been cured by homeopathic remedies.
There is no coincidence that the escalation of autism has increased in correlation with the increase in vaccinations. This is another benefit homeopathy offers. It can be used to “remedy” harm from vaccinations. Homeopathy can repair the damage done by vaccinations and it can cure allergies, asthma and behavioral problems that have come from them. My homeopath told me a homeopathic remedy should help the body do what it needs to do, including getting rid of heavy metals. Homeopathy can also be used in replacement of traditional vaccines to do the same job but without the toxins and harmful side effects.
I too am a true believer in homeopathy. Every member of my family has benefitted from its use. We have all used the over the counter commercial flu remedy Oscillococinum by Boiron for years. It works like magic. See the chapter on “Healing the Brain” in my book, Naturally Recovering Autism, (TBR 2014), for the explanation of homeopathy by Seroyal that I used for my son’s neurological healing.
Treatment is determined, generally, by matching symptoms. Both mental and physical components are accounted for in order to help understand the larger picture of a person’s distress. There is a common factor in that homeopaths take into account what is unusual about an individual’s pattern. Be patient, it can take some time for a good homeopath to find the proper remedy.
Amy Lansky’s book is filled with homeopathic remedy studies on all kinds of illnesses. Homeopathy is a proven medical method with hundreds of double blind, placebo-controlled studies done over decades. A man by the name of Wayne Jonas, MD, former director of the Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institute of Health has co-authored another great book on homeopathy and homeopathic research studies called “Healing With Homeopathy: The Complete Guide” (Jonas and Jacobs).
To find a homeopathic doctor go to:
www.homeopathicdirectory.com, or www.homeopathy-cures.com.

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