There are several possibilities for a child’s gut imbalances, weak immune system, or chronic inflammation. The first place to begin is the gut. For whatever reason, past antibiotic use, a diet containing alcohol, sugars, and processed foods, or extreme stress mom already had candida overgrowth (too many bad bacteria) in her system prior to and during pregnancy. Pathogenic microbes such as Candida and its toxic by-products will cross the placenta and affect the development of the child. Fathers of children with autism often have abnormal gut flora or chronic inflammation, as well.

Candida likes the hormone progesterone. Progesterone levels rise during pregnancy, so it causes an increase in the growth of Candida. The fetus is given Candida in utero and born with it. At birth the baby already has a compromised immune system. He continues to receive Candida and other microbes from the mother’s breast milk. When weaning begins we commonly offer grains such as rice, starchy vegetables, and fruit. These tend to feed pathogenic bacteria, as they turn to sugars in the body, and he gets worse. The main food sources for pathogenic microbes are sugars and carbohydrates. This is often when we begin seeing more physical and emotional symptoms in our child.

At about the age of one year most children are weaned from breast milk altogether. Western societies commonly do not support women breastfeeding their babies much after their first year. The still developing immune system and neurological system are still benefitting from the incomparable nutrients that only come from mother’s milk (still the best choice over any formula). Weaning is the time when the immune system loses its last traces of outside assistance. Two years of age is a better timeline for weaning due to its benefits.

When we add viruses and heavy metals from vaccinations into the mix we overload the undeveloped immune system. This, in turn, overloads the delicate and still developing neurological system. The hepatitis B vaccination often contains yeast. Mercury, contained in most vaccines, is not only neurotoxic, but yeast and mercury are friends. This makes candida overgrowth even harder to balance because mercury prevents the body’s natural ability to remove Candida/yeast in the system, and helps candida grow.

A heavy metal test can be done on a child as young as a newborn through hair analysis. To test for mercury and other potential toxins you can purchase a test online at,

In the first few days after birth have your child’s fecal sample tested for any micro flora by a reputable laboratory such Genova Diagnostics. Genova tests can be purchased at, 877-240-7528. Once ordered it comes to your home to be done at home. It is sent off to the company from your doorstep. Once the test results are in a qualified practitioner from will get back to you with the results and information on what you can do.

Genova Labs are thorough. They grow out the cultures to get all of the information on the strains of bacteria found. This can take up to three weeks, so be patient. It’s worth it.

A urine test is also a good idea to check for metabolites (by-products of metabolism). Genova Labs urine profile also shows any heavy metal excretions mom may have also passed on from mom. This is also sold at If you have questions about which tests to buy just call them. They have excellent customer service. Ask if the test also covers the bacteria H. Pylori. This is common in Candida overgrowth, so it is wise to test for it.

If your child’s micro-flora, (gut bacteria), are imbalanced then their immune system is suppressed, in this case, DO NOT VACCINATE! He will not be able to fight off viruses and heavy metal toxins with lowered immunity, and they can invade his still rapidly growing brain. THIS IS THE PROBLEM!

If you are choosing to vaccinate; ALL vaccines should be postponed until his GI tract is healthy and clear. Even then, be very picky about which vaccines you allow and when. Once his gut is clear only give single viruses, one at a time, and spread them out over a period of several months. Remember that his brain is still developing rapidly until the age of two, and only 80 percent developed by the age of four. Any toxic exposure during these early years puts him at a higher risk for injury to his neurological system.

Meanwhile, breastfeed, eat a healthy diet, include omega 3 fatty acid supplements and probiotics into your own diet that he will benefit from through your body in vitro and your breast milk after birth.

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