We take antifungal agents to fight candida, but the lesser known truth is that candida builds resistance up to these products and the yeast becomes stronger over time. This makes it harder to get rid of. When the yeast feels threatened by one of our yeast programs it has the ability to hibernate in tissues where it is kept safe and sheltered from our anti-candida program. Some is killed off and we feel the effects of the die off so we believe it is working.

Candida also releases spores which are its “babies”. These spores are also able to hibernate when they sense danger as in a yeast cleansing program or a strengthened immune system. When we feel better and stop our yeast cleanse over time the spores come out of hibernation and recolonize in our gut laying their own new babies, except now they are even stronger because candida builds resistance. In this case, the Candida problem returns usually worse than it was before.

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