Candida is natural to our system when it is in balance. When candida grows to a greater colonization it takes over and causes digestive pain, sugar and carbohydrate cravings, headaches, joint pain, irritability, an inability to focus, and extremely low energy. These are just some of the symptoms. Keeping candida in balance is the key, but why is it so hard to keep candida in balance?

Candida releases spores which are like their babies. These spores can actually bore themselves into the tissues of our bodies and go into a sort of hibernation when they sense they are in danger. This keeps them safe from most candida cleansing products.

During a Candida cleanse these yeast and their spores do their best to stay safe. Since this is the case then it makes sense to find a product that can kill both the mother lode and their hiding babies. Otherwise, we begin feeling better, think we are yeast free, end our eradication program, and shortly find ourselves back where we started. The spores will come out of hiding, and begin breeding a whole new colony of yeast. It is frustrating to spend the money, and take the time, to go through the process of using candida cleansing products and not make the progress hoped for.

Obviously, one’s behavior is a huge indicator of what is happening. Remember that physical and emotional symptoms may get worse for a few days before they get better. Eventually, appetite will likely increase for the right foods, skin may clear up, and asthma can be reduced or disappear.

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Please listen to my live radio show on candida here. It’s show #55.

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