What’s Wrong with Trans Fats?

Trans fats cause the liver to become plastic-like. When this happens, the liver cannot properly remove toxins. This causes immune system Unhealthy Trans Fatsfailure and chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia.

Children on the autism spectrum often have a congested liver. Trans fats congest the liver even further. The liver also makes bile, stored in the gall bladder, which is responsible for the digestion of fats.  In order to repair the liver you must eat good fats, about seventy-five percent saturated animal fats and twenty five percent polyunsaturated fats such as fish oil. The liver must be able to handle these fats in order to heal.

Does Your Child’s Gall Bladder or Liver Need Help?

If you or your child feel nauseous when eating fats, this is a sign that the gallbladder and the liver are in need of repair. The gallbladder may be backing up due to a weak liver.

To repair the liver and gall bladder,  you should consider giving your child bile supplements with every meal until health is restored. One of the best products on the market to assist with bile and the gallbladder is AF Betafood by Standard Process. These  are small pills that can easily be crushed down with a pill crusher, if needed, for easy ingestion by a child. The best way to determine correct dosages is through muscle testing.

Standard Process also makes a product in liquid form that will assist the gallbladder called Phosfood Liquid. They are both sold by most natural health care practitioners and at www.amazon.com. Liver Life by Bioray is also a great product to assist the health and repair of the liver. It can be found at www.pureformulas.com or www.amazon.com.

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