Discipline and The Toxic Brain

Therapy and/or discipline is far more challenging, and sometimes impossible, for any child on the autism spectrum whose brain is not working properly. Asking a child whose brain is toxic to focus more, calm down, or try harder only causes greater anxiety and further reduces their self esteem. It is important to keep in mind that they do not wish to behave the way they do. They do not have a choice! 

Is It Genetic?

The way the brain works is somewhat due to hereditary issues. Most of us can pick out which family member talks excessively, is impulsive, angry, lacks focus, or is hyperactive. What is not hereditary is autism. If it were, there would be millions of children born before the 1980’s with autism, which there are not. It seems impossible to have so many people go undiagnosed, so something else must be going on.

But brain imbalances that are  genetic can be triggered by physical injury, including cranial faulting as early as birth, damage due to toxic exposure, poor diet, lack of absorption of nutrients, caffeine, alcohol, other physical trauma or severe emotional injury.

Due to the toxic load on his brain, a child on the autism spectrum often has a much harder time handling life’s daily experiences. Stress also plays a part in creating an imbalance in brain chemistry. Stress reduces the brains chemicals, such as serotonin, leading to depression. Stress also weakens the adrenal function, and increases cortisol levels. This causes irritability, increases insulin resistance, and creates hypoglycemia which creates further imbalances in brain chemistry.

Avoiding Additional Stress

Exercise, detoxification, eating a balanced nutritious diet, and learning ways to cope with stress are all crucial factors in healthy brain chemistry, but sometimes we need even more help. What we do not need are negative and even dangerous side effects caused by the ingestion of more toxins. There are natural solutions that offer a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.

Let’s begin our journey into the brain. First we will learn some of the behaviors caused by specific parts of the brain, and then we will learn what natural supplements can assist in better health and behaviors. Stay tuned for next week’s blog which begins our brain series.

In health,

Karen Thomas

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