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Children with autism and other neurological disorders often have issues with anger, anxiety, depression, lack of focus, hyper focus, impulsivity, and a lot more. Symptoms give us a lot of information, and can sometimes be enough to figure out a natural healing plan. But often these symptoms crossover one another, causing us confusion about what is really going on.

The worst thing for a child with autism or other brain disorders is to be put on a medication that worsens his or her symptoms. Safely getting your child off medication that is not working is another challenge altogether.

Alternately, natural supplementation can and does often work better that most pharmaceutical drugs, and without any harmful side effects. But of course, starting with a good guess about which supplements to take saves time and keeps frustration to a minimum.

The behaviors of a child with autism vary greatly. This is why it is called a “spectrum” disorder. Brain scans offer specific knowledge about your child’s particular brain and biology. Interpretation with the assistance of a qualified practitioner helps to eliminate the guessing game and create a more individualized approach. The first method below saved our family a lot of grief and hardship, so I want to be sure that everyone knows about this option.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s SPECT Imaging

Dr. Daniel Amen’s clinics use an imaging technique called SPECT. SPECT stands for single photon emission computed tomography. You can read a very thorough explanation of the technology on their website at  www.amenclinics.com. Generally speaking, SPECT is neuro-imaging. The process takes a picture of the patient’s brain, revealing any excessively high or low activity. The image is presented in different color shades, making it easier to understand. You and your child will be able to see the graphic results of this test for yourselves.

MRI’s, EEG’s and blood tests will often show normal results in a child on the autism spectrum. This can be misleading, and can cause dangerous mistakes. The SPECT image shows precise brain activity. One scan is done with the brain during concentration. The other is done while in a resting state, as the brain operates differently during each.

The Amen Clinic also offers consultations, with or without the actual scans. Prices vary, depending on the combination of services you request. I suggest getting the brain scans so that you can know exactly what is going on in your child’s brain.

When the results are in, a psychiatrist goes over the results with you. He suggest a regimen of natural supplementation based on your child’s individual needs. If natural supplementation does not offer the desired results, the psychiatrist will give you specific medication advice based on your child’s needs from the scans. The brain scans take away dangerous and time-consuming guessing.

Please use the referral code “Karen Thomas” when you call any Amen Clinic to get a 10% discount on evaluations and SPECT imaging scans, (866)260-8227. The Amen Clinics also offers multiple brain nutrition supplements for sale online; buy from this clinic.

Neuroquant Brain Scan

A new MRI-type of software called Neuroquant precisely measures brain volume. This brain scan is capable of detecting shrinkage in specific areas of the brain. Neuroquant is most helpful in gauging changes over time.  What recent research has shown is that the brain can and does heal, once toxic exposure is eliminated and proper treatment is given. The price of the Neuroquant brain scan is $96.00, affordable for most. For more information on Neuroquant go to www.radnet.com, or call 800-975-4674.

Brain Scans

Either or both of these two brain scan methods will arm you with more information about your child’s brain. Prepare yourself with this information so that you can more intelligently treat your child’s autism behaviors.

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For more information please read my book, Naturally Recovering Autism: The Complete Step By Step Resource Handbook for Parents. 

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