Important Alternative Technique

One of the most important alternative techniques I have found for my children and myself has been natural allergy elimination or desensitization. It is a natural way to stop the immune system from overreacting to substances in both its Natural Allergy Desensitization and Eliminationinternal environment and in the external environment. Millions of people suffer from environmental allergies and food allergies, but do not realize all of the culprits that are causing them harm. The reaction to an allergen may not appear for up to 72 hours (three full days) after exposure. This can make it nearly impossible to determine what has triggered the response.

How Does It Work?

Natural allergy elimination treatment combines kinesiology, homeopathy, and acupressure to determine which allergens you are sensitive to. This technique can be done on an individual of any age. The first appointment with a practitioner should take about an hour and will be used for assessment. The skilled practitioner will test your body’s immune response by muscle testing or performing computerized testing, while the patient simply touches the glass vials of homeopathic tinctures corresponding to serums that contain potential allergens.

Sensitivity levels are gauged from one to ten. These serums cover every base. They test for foods, chemicals, various toxins, pollen, barometric pressure, electromagnetic fields, your own animals’ hair, supplements, medications, and much more. Supplements, medications, dust, or animal samples from your own home can be brought in for assessment and treatment too.

Allergy Desensitization/Elimination

Once the allergens are found, future 30-minute sessions are scheduled. During treatment, the patient holds onto or touches the vial with the homeopathic allergen in it. The vial can also be laid on top of a person or put into the person’s sock to hold it against the body. While the patient is in contact with the vial, the practitioner gently stimulates specific acupressure points along the spine in order to stimulate the central nervous system. Then acupressure points are stimulated on the arms and legs to open the rest of the meridians throughout the body. This Natural Allergy Eliminationopens the energy flow and allows the energy from the vials to flow through the body so that the body now recognizes that energy as safe.

Once this is complete the patient rests for fifteen minutes while in contact with the homeopathic vial containing the allergen. After the treatment is over the patient must stay out of contact with the allergen for a specific amount of time (see below). Once complete the body sees the energy of the molecule, but now knows it is safe and stays calm. It changes the old patterns of defense.

Afterwards, highly restricted diets are often no longer necessary. Once you are desensitized, you can eat or use the products, but I would still encourage you to do so with some discretion.

The body will let you know if you have had too much of something by showing symptoms. Do not worry. This will rarely undo the treatment; it just lets you know your level of tolerance. Treatment is very individualized.

History of the Allergy Elimination Technique

The allergy elimination technique has gone through three generations. All generations are still available today. I will explain some of the important differences between the generations.

  • The first generation allergy elimination technique was developed by Dr. NAET_LogoDevi S. Nambudripad. It is commonly known as Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique or NAET.

NAET can only desensitize an individual for one allergen per appointment. If only one, two, or three allergens show up, then this is fine. The downside of this technique is that commonly ten, twenty, or more allergens show up. Using this technique, it can take many more appointments, which means more time and more money. The patient also needs to stay out of contact with the allergen for 24 hours after the treatment. That being said, NAET does work well, and my family has had great success with it. It is good to know, however, that additional options do exist. Practitioners are easy to find as many have been trained over the years. To find one near you, go to

  • The second generation allergy elimination technique was developed by one of Dr. Nambudripad’s students, Ellen Cutler. Dr. Cutler developed a refined bioset_300program she calls BioSET. It is a combination of organ detoxification, enzyme therapy, and allergy desensitization. Muscle testing and homeopathic vials are not commonly used to identify allergens in BioSET. Instead, computer software is used to detect potential allergens to the system.

As the patient holds onto a small metal rod, his or her energies become connected with the computer program. Thousands of allergens have been programmed into the system. The practitioner uses a small probe on the palm of the hand to connect with the computer software system.

Once the allergens are found, the same acupressure points along the spine are stimulated. An additional benefit to this method is that multiple allergens can be desensitized in one treatment, taking less time and costing less money. The amount of time one stays away from the allergen after treatment varies per individual. For some, it may be a few hours, but for others it may need to be closer to 24 hours. For a BioSET practitioner near you go to, and look under “BioSET system,” or call (415) 384-0200.

  • The third generation allergy elimination technique is called Sensitivity Reduction Technique (SRT). This method was developed by Dr. Shari Tenpenny. Dr. Tenpenny is one of the country’s most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians regarding vaccines and the right to refuse them. She has developed additional attributes to allergy desensitization. For more information please visit

SRT uses muscle testing and homeopathic vials, but has the additional benefit of using Chinese energy medicine balancing vials. It gives the body a new template. After the immune system has been told to stop doing what it has been doing incorrectly, it needs to be redirected to do something it is supposed to do instead. The body needs to be given an action that he or she can do or, just like a child, it may begin doing something else that you no longer want it to do.

SRT is capable of desensitizing multiple allergen groups in one treatment. Usually a total of only one to six treatments are needed. Allergens can be done in groups and are done in a specific order called foundations. Foundations of the body build upon one another, so they must be done in order.

  1. Foundation One is the immune system. It includes things in our internal environment that are always with us and that we cannot get rid of. These things include blood, lymph, urine, saliva, glandular secretions, the immune system, and the central nervous system.
  2. Foundation Two is phenol compounds. These include things we are surrounded by and cannot permanently get away from. The main compounds we are exposed come from petroleum products, mostly plastics.
  3. Foundation Three is the molecules that make up our nutrition, such as proteins, fats, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Once these are addressed, you will see more digestion of beneficial nutrients.

A three-hour wait time is all that is needed after a treatment. During this three-hour period, the patient must stay away from all foods and potential allergens. In comparison to the other treatments, this is a very short wait time. Due to the deprogramming of old cellular memory, after three hours the system knows the proper way to handle the energy from any of the treated allergens.

Our Story with Allergy Desensitization

Many years before his SRT treatments, my son had been desensitized from gluten by our NAET practitioner. When retested, he was still clear, but tested positive, or allergic, to white flour. They seem so similar but apparently, they have a different molecular makeup. Although green food coloring had come up years before, now red food coloring tested positive. It was the SRT treatment that showed us that my son’s body was not processing essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Our SRT practitioner was able to balance his body so that it could now assimilate them. EFA’s are crucial for optimum physical and mental health.

Does It Work?

In studies of patients treated through SRT, 87% were still completely allergy-free five years later. Our son is allergy-free after his treatments as well. If you suspect you or your child has allergies to something in your environment, you might want to consider using one of these three methods to find out and improve your health!

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