Sensory Processing Can Be Fun!

Here are some great gift ideas for children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing issues.

One of the best and most fun tools for calming anxiety is the doorjamb bar. Easily installed in any doorway, this indoor support bar is strong enough to support pull-ups and has an attachment for a swing or trapeze bar. This is especially helpful on rainy days. There are many doorjamb bars available, but not all are safe. The bar our occupational therapist recommended, and the one that we have had great success with, is sold by Playaway Toy Company Incorporated. Properly installed, the weight limit is 175 pounds. For more information see or call (715) 752-4565. Below are some examples:
Rainy Day Indoor Strap SwingStrong Enough To Hold You

An additional resource is This website carries swings, floor products, and weighted blankets. Weighted blankets can help those with over stimulation problems become calm.

From the Sensory Goods website:

Sensory Goods’ Weighted Blankets are designed to calm the sensory system allowing individuals to rest their mind and body. The result of calming the sensory system and resting the body and mind is being able to properly process thoughts and feelings without becoming overwhelmed. Many of families have gone months and years without a full night of sleep, or some families experience stressfully restless days from a poor night of sleep. Either way, after just one night under a Weighted Blanket you will begin to experience significant changes. You will see changes from the Weighted Blanket in sleeping patterns as well as attitude adjustments in the days following a night under the Weighted Blanket.

Blankets That Are Just Right

Along with the beneficial aspects of a weighted blanket, Sensory Goods has made weighted blankets fully customizable by allowing you to choose the weight, size, filling material, and fabric design. Their weighted blankets arPressure Veste handmade daily to match your style of life. The weighted blankets from Sensory Goods are made from organic cotton and in weights from 3 to 20 pounds depending on the size of the individual and their particular needs.

They also have Pressure Vests (see picture to the right).

More Toys To Love

Additional sensory toys from Sensory Goods that our kids loved are the Take-A-Long Tool Kit (if you do not mind some noise they are great), and the Shape sorting cube.    Take-Along Tool KitShape Sorting Cube

A rock-climbing wall of any size enables children to have a great physical and mental exercise that also calms them. Rock climbing increases motor skills and mental focus. It also has a calming effect on the nervous system. There are kits you can buy that will help you build a rock-climbing wall yourself or you can have someone build one for you. More towns now have rock-climbing gyms too.

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Naturally Recovering Autism book

Please see my new YouTube video on “Neurological Switching” as a tool to help calm anxiety and assist with clumsiness and fatigue. You can read more about it on the post in my blog titled, Tips To Calm Anxiety.

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