Studies Show This Diet to Reduce Seizures By Fifty Percent

Over seventy studies show the ketogenic diet to reduce the frequency of seizures by fiftyUntitled design (20) percent in children. Many became completely seizure free. The ketogenic diet has been used clinically for over 80 years for seizures in epilepsy. It is both safe and effective.

A ketogenic diet consists of protein eaten with 80-90 percent good fats such as olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and avocado. An additional strong component of this diet is the elimination of processed carbohydrates. This causes the body to burn fat instead of sugar, or glucose.

Ketones are created when your body breaks down fat to make energy. Your body normally takes energy from carbohydrates in your diet. By restricting the intake of carbohydrates the body will rely on the stored fat supply which is broken down to make ketones.
In seizures nerve cells in the brain are over active or over responsive. Carbohydrates increase blood sugar or glucose levels. The ketogenic diet reduces carbohydrates to a minimum, therefore, reducing blood glucose so that the primary source of fuel are the ketones.

 What the Studies Say

The carbohydrate intake is so low that the body burns fat as fuel. These fats turn into ketones which have a higher energy source.(Pan et al., 2002; Cahill and Veech, 2003)

Ketones easily cross through the blood-brain barrier.

“The ketogenic diet is an established and effective nonpharmacological treatment for epilepsy (Vining et al., 1998; Stafstrom, 2004; Sinha and Kossoff, 2005). Although the diet is useful in people of all ages, clinical experience suggests that it may be more valuable in children…”

Forty-nine percent of the children in this cohort experienced a nearly complete (≥ 90%) resolution in seizures…..


Low carb, high fat diets may reduce seizures in tough-to-treat epilepsy

Date: October 29, 2014

Source: American Academy of Neurology (AAN)

Sixty one percent had over a fifty percent reduction in seizures while five percent had a complete elimination of theirs. Results from the diet occurred in just days to weeks.

An individual must stay on the diet for continued results.


Efficacy of the ketogenic diet for infantile spasms.

Pediatrics. 2002 May;109(5):780-3.

During a 4-year period, 23 children with infantile spasms, aged 5 months to 2 years, were started on the ketogenic diet. At 3, 6, 9, and 12 months, 90 % of these children improved, 3 were completely seizure-free at 12 months, every infant in the study improved over 50%. Medications were reduced or eliminated within 12 months in 57% who also showed improved development.
Behav Pharmacol. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2008 May 5.
Published in final edited form as:
PMCID: PMC2367001
 Neuroprotective and disease-modifying effects of the ketogenic diet

Maciej Gasior,a Michael A. Rogawski,a and Adam L. Hartmana,b

 Study finds ketogenic diet to be helpful with seizures, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injury, and stroke. Ketone bodies offer neuroprotection. This possibly offers resistance to metabolic challenges, and increasing the antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory ability in the neurons.
At present, strong evidence exists that the ketogenic diet protects against seizures in children with difficult-to-treat epilepsy (Freeman et al., 1998).
Individuals must stay on the diet for continued results.
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