Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)

A genetically modified food is one that has had its DNA changed within a  laboratory. This is often done to crops to make them grow faster, resist pesticides, or alter their nature to create a different sort of plant altogether. This is very common of wheat. In order to force the grain to contain a higher gluten content, due to the increase in its requirement by processed foods.                      Untitled design (24)

This unnatural alteration produces foods are that are linked to allergies, neurological disorders, depression, fatigue, loss of mental clarity, nausea, and even cancer. GMO’s effect sulfur metabolism which also effects the body’s ability to detoxify, and to make the important “feel good” neurotransmitter serotonin, and the natural sleep chemical melatonin.

Genetically modified foods are in everything including baby formula (especially soy-based), farm-raised fish, grains, and dairy. Soy products are incredibly high in GMO’s. GMO soy has been linked in studies to anxiety and aggressive behavior.

In research done with rats it was found that those that were fed with GMO foods were antisocial, irritable and aggressive. Those who were fed with non-GMO foods were calm, and did not express these behaviors. Similar results were observed with livestock including pigs. When their food was switched back to non-GMO feed the behaviors reduced significantly.

The Lancet is the world’s leading general medical journal. In 1999 it published a study on rats that were fed potatoes loaded with GMO. In as little as ten days the lining of their stomach and entire digestive tract was much thinner and weakened. Similar evidence has been seen in livestock fed with GMO feed. These are comparable to the symptoms of children on the autism spectrum. Since the lining of the digestive tract is so weak it may be easily permeated, and be connected to one reason why leaky gut is so common among them.

Lack of knowledge relating to GMO foods was partly due to some governments trying to hide the information from the public. Large food manufacturing companies, many subsidized by the American government, did not want the public offered the knowledge regarding which foods were genetically modified and which ones were not. The reason for this was simply financial. The less people know, the more money the companies and the governments often stand to make.

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