Of all factors, genetics play the most important role. Genes are basically just DNA blueprints. They are a pre-set program, but can be effected by the environment. What changes or mutates a gene is the signal it receives. Three reasons for signaling defects are:

1. Trauma (physical): via the nervous system. It impairs brain signals to proteins.

2. Toxins (environmental): chemicals interfere with signals to proteins.

3. Mind (emotional): Incorrect signals are sent at erroneous times and create dysfunction and disease.

Less than five percent of humans have genetic defects at birth. Ninety-five percent of defects are from incorrect signals. The outer coating of the cell is the “brain” of the cell, or the cell membrane. Genes are controlled by proteins within the cell. Protein is engaged by signals. The cell membrane can be permeated by one of the three signaling defects noted above and the protein portion of the cell can be disrupted. When the protein is disrupted it creates dysfunction or disease.

The proteins in cells collect their blueprints from DNA. Genes serve no other function than to store and pass on blueprints. It is now known that the genes we get from our parents can be altered by our environment, a phenomenon known as epigenetics. Even more interesting is that these alterations can be passed on to the next generation. (Reprogramming of Genome Function Through Epigenetic Inheritance; Surani, M. Azim; Nature, Volume 414, Issue 6859, Pp.122-128 92001); 11/2001; Nature; 2001 natur.414.122s.)

Genes lie dormant until a trigger signals its protein receptor and engages it causing either a positive or a negative reaction. If autism, ADHD, pervasive developmental disorder, seizures, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, asthma, and bowel disorders were not occurring in epidemic proportions 50 years ago, then what has changed? There appears to be a correlation with an increased number of vaccinations.

For religious reasons, the Amish choose not to vaccinate, and their children have virtually none of the developmental or behavioral issues that the children of our modern society do. Is this merely coincidence? If it were environmental, as in electromagnetic field pollution and toxins in the air we breathe, it would be intelligent to believe that some of their children would be affected, but why none? One separating factor is that they do not vaccinate.

It is important to always make informed decisions based on information you collect from multiple valid sources. Not just one source.

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