After one month on the initial diet and gut healing supplements, (see prior posts), it is likely time to add the following two candida/yeast cleansing products. Detoxification pathways should be clearing up with liver support and candida down to a minimum prior to the use of any cleansing products or heavy metal removal. The holidays will increase sugar and processed food intake for many, so be sure to follow all prior posts regarding candida/yeast, and gut healing. This can be found on my website,, from past postings. Begin slowly!

There are countless Candida cleansing products on the market. I have personally used the majority of them on myself, my son, or my daughter with no better than short term results, at best. The candida always came back. In my searches I came across a company that uses energetic frequencies in their products. The company that makes and carries the products I suggest is called Get Healthy Again. There is a lot of information behind these products. They act differently than most because they are infused with frequencies that kill the yeast cells. They assist in energetically removing the spores out of their protective hiding places. Remember spores hibernate in tissues.

Let me explain frequencies a little further. Quantum physics explains that we are all interconnected through universal energy. Each of us constantly emits frequencies or vibrations in every part of our body down to our cells. There is communication between these cells. Robert Harrison is the founder and owner of the company Get Healthy Again. He has deeply studied, developed, and learned the skill of energy testing. He compares energies of products to energies of the human body. He asks for the energetic “rating” of each. The results that come from the products are the best way to assess their value.

The energetic testing scale goes from zero to one hundred. Zero is the weakest and one hundred is the strongest. An example would be a food that is genetically modified (GMO) which rates at about ten. The majority of health products have a rating of 300 or less.

Always muscle test before using a product to be sure it is compatible with your child’s body. Muscle testing is also helpful to find what dosage to begin with. Often it is much less than what is recommended on the label, especially for those on the autism spectrum. Continue on the same supplements as you were on with the pre-candida diet, and at the same dosages, especially probiotics, but now add the following two supplements (see more below):

1.CANDXPEL (gentle benign tasting liquid).
2.CANDECLEAR5 (a chalky tasting powder) mixes with juice or put into a smoothie. The carbohydrates in the fruit actually draw out the yeast and set them up for attack from the product. It also absorbs and eliminates waste from candida and assists in removal of mercury.

I am a mom who wishes to pass on valuable information to others, especially other moms. Please pass this information and this website onto friends. The gut must be healing and the immune system strengthened before diving into candida protocols. For a detailed, step-by-step guide on how I brought my son to recovery safely, please click here to watch my free webinar, The 4 Stages to Naturally Recover from the Symptoms of Autism.

Please listen to my live radio show on candida here. It’s show #55.

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This is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any illness. Anything you do is done at your own discretion. Seek the advice of a licensed professional when necessary.

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