Intestinal permeability is very common. The gut lining is only one cell layer thick so it is quite vulnerable to damage. Damage to the mucosal intestinal lining creates large spaces or openings that allow bacteria toxins and larger food particles to leak through and get into the bloodstream. This is largely caused by the spores of the Candida. These spores have legs that act as screws that bore their way into the intestinal lining, and create holes in which the undigested food particles pass through.  untitled-design-43

When the gut lining becomes inflamed, it is unable to fight off bacteria, viruses, parasites, and Candida or yeast. Bacteria in the gut also inhibits production of enzymes, so if the gut is damaged, the needed enzymes for digestion and vital chemical reactions in the body are not produced. A healthy gut regulates the release of up to twenty five hormones to create such actions as digesting and utilizing insulin resistance or blood sugar balance, appetite control, and balancing brain chemistry.

Leaky gut mimics a myriad of disease and their symptoms including asthma, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis as it affects the joints. Once in the bloodstream, the newly released toxins find their way to organs and tissues as far away as the brain. This causes chaos in the brain as its chemistry is affected.

Symptoms can vary from behavioral outbursts and inability to concentrate to anxiety or depression. Many children complain of stomach aches or headaches. Headaches, dizziness and stomach aches after eating may indicate leaky gut. These children also tend to have extreme fatigue off and on, or they may look emaciated. They are not absorbing the nutrition from the foods they eat, and their bodies become extremely malnourished. This also means that their brain is not receiving the vital nutrients it needs for proper growth and functioning.

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