The month of September is all about how to help your child have optimum success in school. This podcast is the first of three in help for issues in school.

Have you ever run into confusion and needed help with your child’s special needs at school? This is all too common, but we have solutions for you. In this video podcast interview with special ed expert Bonnie Landau, you will learn: What is an IEP or a 504 plan, and how you can qualify for one. How to know when to seek a school advocate and how to find one. What is the school’s special education profile? How can a parent request an evaluation for issues the child has? What can a parent do if the school says, “no” to doing an evaluation? If they do the evaluation, how do they determine if the child is eligible for services? Why is it important to put everything in writing?

Bonnie Landau is an educational consultant and advocate who helps parents obtain special education support for their children. As a special ed mom herself, Bonnie has dedicated the last 11 years to researching solutions to help recover her oldest son. When he was six, a neuropsychologist said he was beyond help, and to plan for group home care as an adult. He is now an honor student and destined to live a typical life. Bonnie could not accept that nothing could be done, and she set on a path to find solutions to help her son. She is the author of the upcoming book, Special Ed Mom Survival Guide, and co-author of Same Journey, Different Paths: Stories of Auditory Processing Disorder. She has a masters in educational counseling from University of La Verne, and is a Professional Clinical Counselor Intern and PPS credentialed School Counselor.

Links associated with this podcast:

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