It is important to feel in control of your own personal healthcare, but most of us, (at least in the U.S.), often do not. In this interview we learn a new strategy from someone who, as a physician, found himself with his hands tied when it came to patient care. In his own quest to shift this flawed platform he has created a plan that can help you get health care back into your own hands.

Our guest:

Dr. Steven Trobiani entered private practice in Neurology after concluding his residency training at Yale University in 1983. Alarmed by the increasing cost of health insurance coupled with the intrusion of the insurers in medical decision making, Dr. Trobiani set out to find a way to reform the system to restore the doctor-patient relationship and make healthcare affordable. The result was the creation of the 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit Politics and Healthcare Forum and its online arm, sustainable healthcare

Dr. Trobiani is the nation’s leading expert on healthcare. He is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller “Sustainable Healthcare Reform: Harnessing the Power of Capitalism to Fund Our Social Needs” He has authored articles published in New Living Magazine and USA Today. He has been interviewed on numerous talk shows nationally and hosts his own weekly radio program with Salem Media “Sustainable Healthcare” broadcast in Minneapolis/St. Paul on 1570 AM and 1280 AM.


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