How do you know if you are detoxifying properly? What products can you use to help enhance detoxification? There are some very important aspects to know to help make detoxification a much safer process for your child with autism.

Detoxifying before any possible known toxic exposure, or after, is crucial. We are exposed every day to various toxins, but sometimes they are induced toxins such as vaccinations, anesthesia, or known exposure to toxic chemicals.

When toxins enter the body, whether through ingestion, inhalation, or injection they become a burden to the liver. The liver is our organ of detoxification. Children on the autism spectrum often have an already congested liver, so an additional burden may prove to be too much and they can become very ill, or it can even be fatal.

Some common causes of toxic overload:

  • Vaccinations
  • air pollution
  • toxic water supplies, drinking and more
  • pesticides and herbicides on food, in water, and around the home
  • pathogenic bacteria in the body and toxic release when they die. See Candida Die Off Reactions.
  • Electromagnetic field radiation. This is extremely important! Candida Die Off Reactions.

What you can do

If you know that you will be exposed to toxins, it is important to take the right supplements that are known to assist detoxification. Drink a lot of water prior to, and immediately following the exposure, and eat the right foods. Avoid any inflammatory foods such as wheat, dairy, sugar, corn and soy.

Water sources should be purified with the highest quality purification available to help remove heavy metals, glyphosate and other herbicides and pesticides, and much more. The Aquatru is one of the absolute best water filters. 

Support the liver and lymphatic drainage

Liver support: Support the liver with a natural detoxification source.  A product I have found very helpful with liver support is Liver Detoxification Pathways Elixir. Liver Detox Elixir from the company Get Healthy Again supports both phase I and phase II liver detoxification. This is very important to be sure all toxins are getting expelled from the body and not just brought to a congested liver to process, but can’t excrete.

Along with the right supplements it is also crucial to be on the right diet foods that are organic, and on toxin binders to be sure the toxins are removed from the body. This is a process that I can help you with.

Karen’s Safe Steps To Detoxification program. Learn how you can properly begin the process of detoxification for your child, and know how to determine dosages. Learn how.

Podcast interview with Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate

Podcast interview on the benefits of Far-Infrared Saunas to assist detoxification.

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