Histamine sensitivities are extremely common in children with autism. Histamines are released by the digestive tract and the brain. When the DAO enzymes are mutated then it is difficult to remove histamine.  Histamine reactions come from the body having an allergic reaction. The body sees a food as an allergy when the immune system gets triggered to release histamine. Common symptoms are hives, extreme mood changes, poor sleep, Common causes are related to leaky gut and the MTHFR gene mutation. This can happen when an ill gut blocks methylation (MTHFR). 

For genetic snips, or SNP’s, and autism health to become balanced it is crucial to first heal the gut and regulate a proper diet, and avoid specific foods. Get your free guide to the top 7 foods to avoid to quickly reduce the symptoms of autism. Get your free guide here.

Please listen to my radio show interview with Dr. Beth O’Hara as we discuss many of the questions and answers around histamines and autism. It’s show #50.


Some of the questions we address:

1. What is Histamine Intolerance?
2. How is Histamine Intolerance related to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?
3. How is Histamine Intolerance involved in Autism? How common is it in Autism?
4. What are the symptoms of Histamine Intolerance?
5. What cause Histamine Intolerance in Children with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?
6. What are the next steps if a parent suspects their child may have Histamine Intolerance?


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Here is the link to the Neural Zoomer Plus – the Plus has the infections panel. The regular Neural Zoomer doesn’t include infections, so it’s best to run the Plus: https://www.vibrant-wellness.com/tests/neural-zoomer-plus/
See Dr. O’Hara’s resources below in her biography.

Free Autism Recovery Workshop

Join my Free Autism Recovery WorkshopThe 4 Stages to Naturally Recover from the Symptoms of Autism. Stage 1: Healing the gut, Stage 2: Natural heavy metal detoxification, Stage 3: Clearing the Co-infections, Stage 4: Brain support and repair. 


Dr. Beth O’Hara’s biography

Beth O’Hara is a Functional Naturopath, specializing in complex chronic health conditions related to Mast Cell Activation, including Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mold Toxicity, Histamine Intolerance, and Chemical Sensitivities. She is the founder and owner of Mast Cell 360, a Functional Naturopathy Practice designed to look at all factors surrounding health conditions – genetic, biochemical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental. She is a doctoral candidate in Functional Naturopathy through the New Eden School of Natural Health. She holds a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a Bachelor’s in Physiological Psychology, She is certified in Functional Genomic Analysis. She is a Research Adviser for the Nutrigenetic Research Institute. She presents at Functional Medicine Conferences and will be speaking next at the 2019 Environmental Toxins & Genomics Conference. https://mastcell360.com 

Get Dr. O’Hara’s histamine food guide.


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