Ozone therapy can be very beneficial for children with autism. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.
Ozone stimulates your own body to activate its antioxidant power to fight infection. It decreases free radicals so that they are no longer harmful.

Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy can assist and improve issues with medical problems, behavioral issues, the GI tract, immune system, and endocrine (hormonal) systems, and dental decay. It has also been known to help with sleep, aggression, anxiety, and speech delay.

How Ozone Therapy Is Used

Ozone is well tolerated but it is best to do work with diet and detoxification first to reduce possible issues with die off reactions.
Ozone is administered with a stethoscope into the ear or rectally. IV’s are also a method used if the child is able and willing.
Frequency of therapy for infections such as bartonella from Lyme disease would be for eight weeks, at once per week. This is often a mix of the person’s blood with ozone and then injected.

Resources for Ozone Therapy

Directory for doctors:
For a list of medical professionals in ozone therapy go to, AEPromo.org, (an International directory).

Radio Show Interview with An Expert On Ozone Therapy

Please listen to my radio show interview with Dr. Karima Hirani on the benefits of ozone therapy. It’s show #57.

Dr. Karima Hirani, MD, MPH

Dr. Karima Hirani is an expert in Low Dose Immunotherapy. She graduated from USC Medical school in 1993. She has a Masters in Nutrition from the school of public health at UCLA, and she is board certified in family medicine. Dr. Hirani has been a functional medicine doctor practicing as a DAN and MAPS doctor for over 10 years. DAN stands for Defeat Autism Now. MAPS stands for Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs. She integrates a natural approach to conventional medicine, including natural alternatives to prescription drugs, vitamin and nutrient supplements as well as nutritional advice. Although her main focus is prevention, she specializes in chronic illness.

AboutLearn more about Dr. Hirani at, www.drhirani.com

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