Children with autism have congested liver and detoxification pathways. We must support these areas during the detoxification process.

The Health of the Colon and Constipation

The health of the colon, or the large intestine, is critical to overall health and proper detoxification. Daily bowel movements must release toxic material or it can be reabsorbed into the walls of the large intestine. Constipation allows for toxic reabsorption due to the extended amount of time the waste stays in the bowels.

Proper amounts of water are needed to allow for the removal of waste including pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics in animal feed, and carcinogenic agents in the air we breathe. Dehydration and lack of proper fiber can cause constipation.

The large intestine also absorbs minerals necessary for our health. An improperly working colon causes nutrient deficiencies. Overall gut healing is essential.

The Effects of Toxins on Behavior

The bowels effect behavior through toxic reabsorption, but they are also very sensitive to the neurotransmitters in the digestive tract. These brain signaling chemicals include adrenaline, norepinephrine, and serotonin.

What About Fiber for Constipation?

Fiber is essential when feces are moving well to keep digestion on track, but contrary to popular belief, if the bowel is constipated and lodged with waste, taking fiber often makes it worse. Fiber acts to further bind what is not moving. If you are constipated, aloe leaf is an excellent choice for getting things moving. Be sure to avoid binding foods such as gluten, cheese and red meat.

Enemas and Colonics for Detoxification

Enemas are helpful to release fecal matter from the lower portion of the large intestine via stimulation from the hemorrhoidal veins. Coffee enemas will stimulate the nerves in the liver and assist its detoxification processes.

Colonic irrigation or colonics are an essential part of health.They gently remove old debris from the entire colon and its walls by cleansing it with distilled or purified water. Colonic hydrotherapy will flush the intestines much higher than an enema will.

Colonics can be done as early as age six, although many children may not agree to this. If they do, be sure to see an Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. To find and I-ACT certified professional go to,, or call (210) 366-2888.


Your child must be willing to do this. A professional colonic hydrotherapist will be able to make your child feel as comfortable as possible. The first appointment may feel foreign to the child but once they feel how much better they are afterward they are often compliant to go again.

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Radio Show Interview with an Expert

Please listen to my radio show interview with colonic hydrotherapist, Julie Loggins, show #59.
Some topics discussed in the interview are:
1) What role does digestive health play in healing autism?
2) What specific experience have you had in working with autistic children and their parents?
3) How do you diagnose gut health issues? What signs do you look for of gut dysfunction?
4) What are the simple “do’s” and “don’ts” of gut health?
5) What supplements are critical to gut health?
6) What role does detox play in gut health? When and why might it be necessary?
7) What protocol do you suggest for healing the gut specific to autism?

Julia Loggins bio


Julia Loggins, Certified Colon Therapist and Gut Health Expert, has helped thousands heal over her 36+ year career as a Gut Health Expert in private practice in Santa Barbara, California.

Ms. Loggins received her Health Educator’s Certification from Hippocrates Health Institute in 1983, and trained with Dr. Ann Wigmore and Dr. Brian Clement in facilitating the reversal of chronic and acute illness. She holds a certification from the Whole Body Institute in mind/body reproductive health. However, Ms. Loggins says that her childhood experience of life-threatening illness, spending most of her first two decades in and out of hospitals, and saving her own life, is her most profound credential in understanding the nuances of healing mind and body, the critical role of digestive health, and the trauma that can accompany sustained stress and disease.

The author of two books, “Dare to Detoxify! and “It Takes Guts To Be Happy! A 21-Day Plan To Heal Your Belly & Re-Charge Your Life.

Ms. Loggins believes there can be no black-and-white thinking with regards to our health. She embraces a team strategy for healing, aligning with both cutting edge allopathic and alternative medical doctors and practitioners. You can reach Julia and find her products and resources at,


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