Tired of being on the meal planning treadmill? Learn how you can have healthy meals planned, and prepared ahead so you have more free time to spend with your family having fun, or just relaxing. 

You can build your own meal plan or have them designed for you with the variations offered from Once A Month Meals. To learn more about them and how they can help you save time and money go to NaturallyRecoveringAutism.com/meals

Meet Tricia CallahanAncasterHeadshotTricia.jpg

In 2009, I started a hobby, freezer-meal-planning blog (Once A Month Mom) to empower busy mothers, like myself, to make meals ahead. Fast forward 10 years, and my personal “mom” blog grew to be a thriving meal planning site, filled with an amazing team ready to help families make meals ahead and learn to freezer cook. Our mission is simple: help you never have to plan daily meals ever again!

I use my “I don’t have to cook dinner nightly” time to play Minecraft with my 10-year-old Asperger’s son, craft with my 9-year old daughter and travel the world!

Learn more, and sign up for once a month meals at, NaturallyRecoveringAutism.com/meals

Listen to my live radio show interview with Tricia. It’s radio show #71.

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