Stem Cells help to regulate the immune system. Their responses shown in blood screening can be indicators of underlying coinfections of autism such as Lyme, mold, and strep. These infections are often undetected in many traditional blood tests, so it’s crucial to know of other markers to look for to determine if treatment should given.

Infection and inflammation in the brain effects cell proliferation, synapse failure, brain development and the balance of neurotransmitters.

In this interview with Dr. Jodie Dashore we will discuss stem cells and the blood screening that can be done to gain insight into the possible coinfections your child may be carrying that can prevent optimum recovery from autism.

Some of the questions we will answer in this interview (Radio show #77):

Overview of different kinds of stem cells

Many parents of kids with ASD are traveling abroad for this procedure. Is this a good idea or not?

Are there any precautions or red flags to look for with any facility offering this procedure?

 For kids with ASD who have comorbid issues, Is there a best time to go for stem cells treatment?    

Brain imaging can help to scan for imbalances in brain volume. The Neuroquant brain scan is a simple test and often covered by insurance.

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Jodie A. Dashore, OTD, HHP, SIC, BCIP

Dr. Jodie A. Dashore is an internationally recognized  pioneering clinician in the all-natural, plant-based, treatment of Autism, Lyme disease, mold/biotoxin illness, PANS/PANDAS, nutrigenomics, and autoimmune Illness. She works with children and adults in over 40 countries around the world. Dr. Dashore is a Board Certified Doctor of Occupational Therapy – Neurology  with a postdoctoral specialization in Neuro-sensory. She is Board Certified as a Holistic health practitioner and board certified in Integrative Pediatrics. Her past training abroad includes specialization in pediatric neurology, and multiple naturopathic disciplines in Bombay, UK, and USA. Dr Dashore is currently pursuing her PhD and board certification in integrative medicine with a special interest in Quantum Physics.

Dr Jodie is the founder and director of BioNexus Health Clinic in Marlboro, NJ, a center dedicated to plant based all natural treatment methods.

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