Neuroquant is a technically advanced way to scan the brain for images that can offer valuable information on specific areas of the brain’s volume. This can show where the brain in smaller and more deficient so we’re able to work to enhance these areas.

Inflammation and coinfections of autism, such as mold biotoxins, and PANS, PANDAS/strep, can cause many brain abnormalities which we are able to assess with the Neuroquant scan. The neuroquant brain scan can offer information to tell us a bit more about how the brain is functioning and why certain behaviors may exist.

Nutritional support for the brain is incredibly important, so I offer you a quick reference guide on the top foods to avoid,  but sometimes the brain needs some additional assistance to build neurotransmitters, or brain messengers, which can also come from natural brain support supplementation.

Further resources:

Please listen to this radio show, (release date September 6, 2020), where Dr. Jodie Dashore and I discuss the benefits of the Neuroquant brain imaging.

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  • Radio Show #11, 15, and 18 are focused on Lyme Disease.

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Interviews with Dr. Stephanie Seneff on Glyphosate and Autism (Podcast and radio show)

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Join our Free Autism Recovery WorkshopThe 4 Stages to Naturally Recover from the Symptoms of Autism. Stage 1: Healing the gut, Stage 2: Natural heavy metal detoxification, Stage 3: Clearing the Co-infections, Stage 4: Brain support and repair.  Reserve your online seat here.

Help your child get the optimum results in Karen’s step-by-step online programThe Autism Moms Mentor, working to improve the biological health aspects for better focus and concentration, improved sleep, calmer moods, and a lot more. Already in over 35 countries, this program offers you the natural resources I used to recover my own son. It is unique in that it walks you through not only gut healing and detoxification, but also the co-infections often left out of a recovery program. It also includes additional components such as muscle testing and emotional clearing to empower you to get the best possible outcome with support from a mom who has done it!

Dr. Jodie Dashore

Jodie A. Dashore PhD, OTD, BCIP, HHP, CCH is an internationally recognized practitioner, researcher and a pioneering Clinical Herbalist. 

Dr Dashore holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine, is Board certified in integrative pediatrics, Board certified as a holistic health practitioner and Board certified as a doctor of occupational therapy (Neurology). She holds a postdoctoral specialization in Neuro-Sensory Integration. Dr. Dashore is a member of ILADS  and a Lyme literate practitioner for over a decade; and also a Shoemaker CIRS/Biotoxin Illness Certified practitioner. 
Dr Dashore specializes in all natural plant-based and individual genetic-based customized treatment options for Autism, Lyme Disease and Mold/Biotoxin Illness. She is the founder and Director of BioNexus Health Clinic and Apothecary in Marlboro New Jersey. The practice is dedicated to scientifically formulated plant-based treatment options along with therapeutic Camel milk protocols for patients of all ages. Dr Dashore is an accredited Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild and the creator of the BioNexus herbal line of proprietary formulations available to practitioners in USA, UK, Europe, and Middle East,

In my book, Naturally Recovering autism, besides many of the important “must know” health related aspects for children with autism, I go into specifics about each part of the brain. You can purchase the book here.

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