Leaky gut, or increased intestinal permeability, occurs when holes are created in the lining of the intestines. The lining can become damaged from food allergies, viral infections, inflammation, candida pathogenic overgrowth, hormone issues, non-steroidal drugs, and stress. Glyphosate is the harmful herbicide that is sprayed on our food crops, especially wheat, and it also destroys the gut lining.

When leaky gut is present, undigested food particles enter the bloodstream and are seen as foreign agents for the immune system to attack. Once these inflammation markers are made the body now has an ‘acquired’ allergy to that food. Please listen to my podcast episode #89, Autism and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

How Collagen Can Help?

Collagen makes up a third of the protein in our bodies and forms our connective tissues. It also supports joint health, skin, ligaments and tendons, blood vessels, organs, bones, and muscles.

There are at least 28 different types of collagen protein and they all consist of chains of amino acid sequences. Glycine, the most abundant amino acid in collagen, is found in 30 percent of collagen fibers. It is known for its ability to repair the tight junctions of the intestinal lining.

What Causes Collagen Deficiency?

Collagen deficiency can happen when there is nutrient malabsorption.  This is very common in children with autism because they often have leaky gut. This further weakens the overall health of the gut lining, causes muscle loss, joint pain, bone loss, issues with teeth, and more inflammation.

What Can You Do To Easily Help Build Nutritional Absorption?

The first step in reversing leaky gut is to repair the barrier function of the small intestine. Begin reducing the top 7 inflammatory foods from your child’s diet. This is a slow process since they are literally addicted to these foods. As you’re doing this you will want to have some easy ways to get nutrition into them. Powder forms of nutrients can be hidden in the foods they may still be eating during the transitional process to the healthier foods.

Collagen powder contains protein, vital amino acids that assist the healing of the gut lining and reverse the effects of leaky gut. Bone broth is known for this same affect due to its high collagen content, as well as the skin of chicken or fish, but an unflavored collagen powder may be easier for you to “hide” in your child’s chosen foods. Later, once the picky eating has improved, collagen powder is an excellent nutritive product to continue to have in their diet. Collagen can also be taken on its own. It is easily mixed into any food or beverage, hot or cold.

Here are some quality sources of powdered nutrition that make it a bit easier for parents to get into your child’s body:

  • Perfect Keto has tasty flavors of high quality collagen that offers both protein and good fats (can be added to any hot or cold beverage, sprinkled on food, added to smoothies and into food processors) High protein source, not vegetarian. Use the link provided to get 20% off with code “Karen”.
  • The Super Greens from The Good Inside are in a powder form and can be a good way to get additional greens (a vitamin and mineral food source) into your child, and they help alkalize. Muscle test first for body acceptance. Use code “healthy5” for a discount on your entire first order.
  • Organic hemp powder is easily tolerated in digestion and offers another way to get protein into your child. You can add it to smoothies or mix into any food or beverage. This is the vegetarian option.

Without vitamin C, new collagen cannot be produced and you may notice bruising, wounds that won’t heal, joint pain, and even bleeding gums. A quality liquid liposomal form of vitamin C that is highly absorbable can be found here.

Listen to podcast episode #65 for further details on help with picky eating and healing the gut.

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