Learn a simple way to help your child right from home. Allergic reactions in the body lead to the physical and behavioral symptoms such as anxiousness, anger, sleep issues, inability to focus, and more. 

It is still crucial to work with the underlying  issues of autism such as toxic overload, pathogens and infections, but this at-home allergy kit may help alleviate the allergic responses the body is having to them as you are working with those core issues, allowing your child (and you) more peace. 

Please listen to this interview with Ynge Ljung as we discuss the solutions these at-home allergy kits can offer.

Some of the questions and answers included in this interview are:

Question: Is it still important to do the rest of the gut healing work with diet and supplements, and detoxification, and work with the coinfections?

Answer: Yes, it is still important to do the rest of the work on the causes at their source.

Question: Will this remove parasites, lyme, mold, strep, and balance PANS over-active immune issues on their own or should we still do more work with those too?

Answer: No, it takes away the allergies and reactions to them. I don’t quite know how it works, but repeating the treatments, for example Herpes, seems to eliminate the outbreaks, but over time.

Question: How much time before they take effect and we would see changes?

Answer: Sometimes immediately -depends on the individual.

Question: What’s in the vials?

Answer: Water imprinted with the frequencies from the substances. 

Question: Are they safe?

Answer: Totally safe. 

Question: How do they work? Are they ingested? How long do they last?

Answer: You never open the vials or use them up! It is an energy treatment, used with a cold laser. They can be used forever by the whole family.

Question: Are there any contraindications to someone using them, or anything they shouldn’t be combined with like homeopathics of any supplements?

Answer: No contraindications.

Question: Do I need an appointment with Inge or a practitioner to use them?

Answer: This is a very easy process to do yourself at home and doesn’t need a practitioner.

Question: Is there a minimum age for a child to use these?

Answer: No minimum age. 

Question: What if my child needs the stress or anxiety release now? Is it ok to use it first so I can help him get calm?

Answer: Emotional vials can be used at any time, no restrictions.

Question: What if I can’t afford the whole kit now? Can I get a few now and the rest later? 

Answer: Some are available individually but the kits can be paid for in PayPal which has a 4 part payment option.

Question: My child was vaccine injured. Can I use the vaccination one first or on its own or do I need to use the whole kit?

Answer: Best result is to use the kit in order. Vaccine treatment is #4.

Question: Is there a sequential order to use these vials in the kits? Will I get instructions about this?

Answer: Yes, for example, the basic kit vials are numbered 1 – 7, and to be treated in order. After these 7 vials, they can be treated in any order

Question: How long do we use them? Do we re-use them over time?

Answer: You use them as long as you need them. I recommend to retreat sugar regularly, since sugar is in everything. Sometimes the treatment doesn’t “stick” and you redo it until it does.

Question: Can I use them on the rest of my family?

Answer: The whole family can use it – and should!

Question: Do you ship worldwide? 

Answer: Free shipping within the U.S. and paid shipping outside of the U.S. 

Question: Do you offer any type of guarantee on my purchase?

Answer: Yes, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Purchase yours at, NaturallyRecoveringAutism.com/allergy.

About Ynge Ljung

Born and raised in Sweden, where Ynge graduated as a Chemical Engineer.

After having lived in Bangla Desh and Venezuela, she came to the US, where she graduated as an Acupuncture Physician in 1995, specializing in Allergy Elimination.

In 2006 she launched her Allergy Kit, a DIY simple process to eliminate allergies, that since has helped 1000’s of people with Belly Fat, Brain Fog, and Burnout, as well as behavior and digestive problems in children on the Autism Spectrum Disorders, and with allergies in general.

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