Nanti’s son was diagnosed with autism at twenty-eight months. For almost a decade, she searched for answers to help give him a future with more independence,  peacefulness, and a better way of life.

After trying various practitioners, one after the other, that did not give her any real help or hope for his future, she persevered to find the education, guidance, and support she needed and found it at Naturally Recovering Autism.

Today, due to her efforts, Nanti’s eleven year old son has greater independence, is now calm and happy, sleeps through the night, can speak, write, ride a bike, has friends, and the whole family has more peace. She says he is FINALLY on the road to recovery.

Nanti shares her inspiring story with you here. Please listen now…and please share this with friends in need!

Quickly Reduce Your Child’s Symptoms
of Autism by Eliminating 7 Specific Foods that Most People Consume Daily!

The first crucial step of autism recovery is to begin restoring health to the gut and the immune system.

The health of the gut is directly linked to the health of the brain and therefore to the symptoms of autism. In fact, 80% of the immune system comes from the gut so if the gut is not healthy, then the brain can’t thrive, and the immune system is compromised. It’s a vicious cycle, but thankfully, it’s one that we can put an end to by first eliminating harmful foods.

This is for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat.

Quickly Reduce Your Child's Symptoms of Autism by Eliminating 7 Specific Foods that Most People Consume Daily

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