Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF’s) can sabotage the efforts of your child’s recovery program, unless you protect your child from them.

I have researched a product I wish to share with you to help harmonize the harmful effects of electromagnetic field radiation. I am excited for you to learn about this fascinating technology.

Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE) activates a positive energetic environment that supports the consciousness of your space and provides you with more energy to improve the quality of your life.

  • To expand our consciousness
  • To sleep and meditate more deeply
  • To boost our body’s natural healing ability
  • To increase focus, concentration, creativity
  • To energize our living/working space

Parents report improved ability for their child to do schoolwork and a greater sense of calm.

The EMF Mitigation Program in FLFE 

How it Works:

FLFE’s EMF Mitigation Program changes the way EMFs are influencing our lives.

The FLFE environment and the FLFE EMF Mitigation Program harmonizes and acts in other ways (including using the energetic signature of Shungite) to have EMFs be positive for us, actually supporting us to rise in consciousness.

The EMF Mitigation Program is included in all FLFE subscriptions.

Customer experience survey results include:

  • restful sleep
  • physical energy
  • relief from anxiety
  • improved mental clarity
  • easier forgiveness
  • improved communication
  • engaging in less bad habits
  • improvement in overall quality of life…and more. Read the results scale here.*
  • *Customer Experience Survey results presented by Dr. Gary Schwartz found here.

Read more about EMF’s and the FLFE EMF Mitigation Program.

FLFE Research, Science, and Scientific evidence can be found here.

Read testimonials on FLFE.

Read and view depicted results of the Dr. Emoto water studies.

Hydration with FLFE higher consciousness is extremely important to assist the increased energy and internal repair, especially in the first three days with FLFE.


FLFE offers a FREE 15-day trial.

Please listen to my interview with the company founders to learn more details, then go get your free trial started now. 5G is here, so don’t wait.

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