Looking for the best ways to support your child with autism during the detoxification and die off process?

Detoxification often begins with the liver. When your child is loaded with toxins, the liver is congested and cannot function properly, creating a variety of physical and emotional symptoms. 

Until the liver is supported and working better — and many toxins have been gradually eliminated — the body is not able to handle detoxification or a die-off process. 

Toxins are in the blood, inside most cells, and are in fluids outside the cell, causing the pain, symptoms, and behaviors your child is experiencing. The cells want to get rid of them and a process of detoxification and protocol through nutrition and supplements will help.

What is die off?

Die-off is not an illness or infection, it’s a temporary syndrome in response to the process of detoxification. It is the body’s immune response to releasing toxins. As toxins break down or pathogens  die, they can release harmful substances that can exacerbate symptoms. The symptoms from die off generally resolve within 3-7 days. 

While some increase in symptoms is common, if your child’s symptoms or behaviors worsen, you can stop or reduce the dose before too many toxins accumulate in the body causing further problems. Failing to intervene in time, can cause extreme behaviors to develop.

Toxin Binders To Assist

Toxin binders do just what they say, they bind to toxins. Since the body is over-burdened with toxins and the detoxification pathways are not working well, we can utilize a toxin binding supplement to help. The product Pure Body Regular Zeolite is a liquid supplement that helps do just that! This can reduce the issues of die off reactions and help to ease the detoxification process. 

Stay With The Detoxification and Die Off Process

The detoxification and die off process is slow, but there really is no alternative. Give the process time, stay consistent, and keep with the protocol as long as is needed. Autism recovery can take several years.

Eventually, as toxins and pathogens are eliminated — and as other fundamental issues are corrected through diet and supplements — you will be able to get your child’s body and brain healthy and functioning as normally as possible.

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