Whether your child has autism, ADD, ADHD, or any other neurological imbalance, it is known that natural brain supplements often work far better than pharmaceutical drugs without the negative or dangerous side effects.

If you are not seeing desired results from your brain supplements treatment program, there are several possibilities as to why:

    1. The wrong diagUntitled design (3)nosis.
    2. The wrong brain supplements treatment protocol, i.e. supplements, medications, or therapies. This also means the incorrect dosages.
    3. Citric acid is taken too close to supplement time. Citric acid as is in orange juice, lemonade, preservatives and more. It deactivates some medications and supplements. Do not ingest it within an hour before or after taking them.
    4. Stress hormones, namely corticosteroids, damage brain cells, especially the temporal lobes. They may also counteract the effectiveness of some treatments. Reduce stress level.
    5. Lack of support from family, school, caregivers or therapists; creates stress
    6. The wrong diet.
    7. Caffeine and nicotine use.
    8. Lack of exercise.
    9. Taking over-the-counter medications or supplements that may interfere with treatment.
    10. Mixing together incompatible medications and supplements.
    11. Not staying on natural supplements for a long enough period of time to allow them to work (minimum of three to six weeks).
    12. Purchasing cheaper, lower quality products in order to save money.
    13. Not having the right doctor. Using the doctor on your insurance plan may seem cheaper at first, but may cost you far more in the long run.
    14. Being in denial about what your child really needs or simply not knowing and not getting the proper help.

      These are many of the common reasons why desired results do not appear. As we move into the holidays, it is important that we address the issue of diet and foods that affect the brain. Children with autism and a delicate neurological system are easily and greatly thrown off balance. Get your free guide to the top 7 foods to avoid here.

Quickly Reduce Your Child’s Symptoms
of Autism by Eliminating 7 Specific Foods that Most People Consume Daily!

The first crucial step of autism recovery is to begin restoring health to the gut and the immune system.

The health of the gut is directly linked to the health of the brain and therefore to the symptoms of autism. In fact, 80% of the immune system comes from the gut so if the gut is not healthy, then the brain can’t thrive, and the immune system is compromised. It’s a vicious cycle, but thankfully, it’s one that we can put an end to by first eliminating harmful foods.

This is for informational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or treat.

Quickly Reduce Your Child's Symptoms of Autism by Eliminating 7 Specific Foods that Most People Consume Daily

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